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  1. D

    New to here

    Hi everyone. I have a Green Cheek Conure. (idk why they are upside down)
  2. Aurentha

    Any experience with Natural Inspirations cages?

    I've been looking for a new cage for my two conures and wanted to know if anybody had experiences with the smaller cages from this site as I only see posts about the aviaries. It was suggested in one of my other posts and I'm super interested. I'm curious about the quality and also thoughts...
  3. Aurentha

    Pictures Cages for Green Cheek Pair?

    I recently got a pair of green cheek conure males and I had a cage set up already that someone purchased for me, I had just assumed the bar spacing would be okay which was my mistake. After getting the birds I've seen them shove their heads through the bars and chirp at me when they want out. I...
  4. Chusi<3

    Urgent 1 month old GCC questions

    hey all, long time lurker, first time poster. I recently bought an unweaned baby green cheek at 21 days old- something i would never do again. the baby is now a month old ❤ and adorable as can be. i recently took baby to a specialized avian vet two days ago (cost quite a pretty penny) to make...
  5. n a d i a

    Question about bonding

    Hi everyone, I'm new here & I don't exactly know how everything works but hopefully this post will work because I really need your help. I recently adopted two baby conures & the minute they saw each other, it seems like they fell in love. I'm really glad & happy they bonded, but I'm really...
  6. M

    I think my Green Cheek is playing me for a fool.... need advice

    hello everyone, long time stalker first time poster, so i have decided to seek the community's advice with how my green cheek has been behaving. let me weave you a little tale. I picked up my Pineapple Conure Quill Murray in December from a breeder who said he was born in sept so still just a...
  7. Mooka

    Why does he do this?? (Help??)

    Hi everyone! This is my first forum post (not sure if this is the right place to post it), and I've finally decided to post because I'm so upset! I have two beautiful green cheek conures, a normal (Kiwi) and a cinnamon (Chai), but one isn't so beautiful anymore.... Around November last year I...
  8. Cosette Gagne

    Bird Watcher for a Vacation???

    Wanted to post this where it might get the most traffic! I'm a new bird owner and have a GCC of 6 months old (my first bird). I am planning a week long vacation in mid July and have no idea where to start with finding a service that will watch my bird while I am gone. Do those services exist...
  9. emily rose

    Help? Extremely clingy GCC

    I’ve recently found my bestfriend! A little male GCC, who I’ve named Atlas! he’s two months old and has such an adorable little personality. He doesn’t bite often, and is fairly quiet. The only issue I’m having is he has to be with me 24/7. If I am home and not with him, he paces the...
  10. parrotkid

    Pictures Young bird with droopy wings?

    Hey, I haven't posted here for a fair while now, years actually, but I've been thinking of adopting another Green Cheek into my flock. (My new profile picture) Past members may remember my previous Green Cheek passed away due to abnormally low temperatures about 2 years ago. I really do miss...
  11. SirTango

    Super skittish all of a sudden

    So I've had Tango (gcc) for over four months now, and he has become fairly accustomed to the sights and sounds of my household's daily activities. However, for some reason, today he has been a flighty scared mess all day long and I'm not sure why. He is used to seeing things moved around because...