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I think my Green Cheek is playing me for a fool.... need advice


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hello everyone, long time stalker first time poster, so i have decided to seek the community's advice with how my green cheek has been behaving. let me weave you a little tale. I picked up my Pineapple Conure Quill Murray in December from a breeder who said he was born in sept so still just a baby. he had his wings clipped before i picked him up and horribly i might add so i have been waiting for him to molt some new flights in which he has started to do. I have begun to exercise him and retain him to fly. i started the normal way with two perches and now have him to the point where he can fly several feet to my arm. this took a week or so and i have givin him big lovings and many seed along the way. i was extremely proud of his progress. that changed, usually when i put him to bed i put him away, cover cage and turn off the light. this night instead i turned off my light and he flew probably 10 feet from his cage to me. of course at first i was excited this was huge, like going from a kiddy pool to doing the back stroke in an Olympic sized pool. i gave him lots of praise and put him on his cage i then close the curtains BAM same thing even further this time again very proud. then i turn off a hall light at this point its almost completely dark, enough to see but only tvs on in the room and again right off the top of his cage down towards the the floor then swooped up to the roof before landing on my chest. at the time i was so damned proud of that little boy i must have had a smile ear to ear. i put him to bed and in the morning its like none of it happened. try as i might he just wont fly to my arm unless its a foot away altho he trys, it looks like hes going to fall off he leans so far forward but its like hes afraid to jump which i thought was so odd because of the night before. so that night which is last night i try again and turn one light off at a time and sure as shizz when the lights are going out hes a gosh darn Ariel acrobat. at first i thought he was learning now, im not so sure and im not sure why during the day when hes ten feet away from me he wont fly to me even when hes clearly begging to come over(and i do mean begging). but once the lights start going out all of a sudden he can clear more then 20 feet and gain altitude. it really hurts my motivation to train him when i get so little progress knowing full well he can already do these things yet refuses. do you guys think the fact that its turning into night aka bed time would play a role in this? i feel like the fear of losing the flock (me) is making him fly like this but at the same time there have been plenty of times i have left his sight and it looked like he was going to jump after me wings flapping and all but just never did. im unsure how to proceed from here.. thanks for listening all

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Cheeky, gcc, was clipped the first two years I had her and I too started out with bribes to get her to fly a couple of feet to mee. She seemed afraid she'd fall, but when something would scare her she'd takeoff and fly all over the place. Finally I got her to fly longer distances to me for a treat and now sometimes she will fly to me just because she wants to. However , she still has plenty of times she will wait and beg me to come get her. I think, even though she's been flying over two years now, she remembers falling when her wings were clipped because she seems timid about taking off sometimes. It takes awhile for them to build up their confidence. She takes off occasionally for an excited flight for fun but she seems perfectly content to be a couch potatoe. She will fly to me now when I'm out of sight in another room as long as she sees me take a treat and I call her. So don't give up, just keep increasing the distance and always have a treat. He will gradually come around