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green cheeck conure

  1. zar1

    Help me please desperate really desperate

    Hi everyone. I need some serious advice. It’s been about 5-6 months since I adopted my Green cheek conure from a pet store. Butter is about 7 months old. He‘s a very friendly bird to an extent. I’ve taught him a range of tricks that include using my hand and he’s been very receptive towards it...
  2. P

    Conure new pairing suggestion

    Hello everyone. I have a gcc male and pineapple conure female. Both are pretty young, around 9 months. I have bought together from a breeder when they are 5 months old. Yesterday, my male gcc flew away somehow. I need suggestion on couple of questions 1. If I buy a new male conure, will it pair...
  3. SDecidueye


    Hello, you can call me by my username and this is Echo my (Yellow-sided) Green Check Conure: I got him a few months ago, when he was 2-3 months old. He seems to have bonded with me well but I thought I should join a Forum just in case. I have done a lot of research on articles as well as many...
  4. Birb Lady

    GCC sleeping in corner at bottom

    (I apologize if this is hard to read) I have a green cheeked conure that I may have accidentally conditioned her to stay at the bottom of her cage at night. My desk where I do schoolwork and play video games and such is near the bottom of her cage. Her bedtime (7:30) which she refuses to follow...
  5. ZY28

    What paperwork should a bird have?

    Hi, I am getting a GCC on monday from a lady that says she breeds bird in a family environment. I was wondering what paperwork the bird is supposed to come with? Are leg bands, birth certificate important? Thanks
  6. Willi_gcc

    Meet the gang

    Hi I have a green cheek named Willi and two hens a austrolorp named Kylo hen and a red star named ava
  7. DuckyLou

    Bedtime Struggles- need help!

    Hi Conure family! I am in need of some advice and support. My little girl Duck is a pineapple conure. She just turned a year old on July 9, so she’s almost a year and 2 months. each night I put her to bed in a separate night time cage that’s more travel size cage than her full daytime cage...
  8. ZY28

    Searching for Green Cheek Breeders within 2hrs of Montreal

    Hi, Hope your having a great day. I am looking for a reputable breeder, responsible people or even a responsible pet store that breed/sell green cheek conures. Ideally, I would like it to be located within a 2hrs car drive from montreal. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  9. Haydenb

    Pictures Bird keeps biting at scabs & scars

    Hi; I have a 4ish month old Green check conure that continues to bite at my acne scars & on sores; sometimes until they bleed. I've heard that yelping out in pain is discouraged so I basically just have her bite whatever until I just make her step up on my shoulder or on a different surface &...
  10. C

    Conure Screaming at other birds

    My GCC screams like a banshee if he so much as hear a chirp from a sparrow outdoors. I've managed to get him to cease screaming for the most part when it comes to other reasons for screaming but I have no clue how to go about stopping him from screaming at outdoor birds! He is a 5 month old...
  11. peachypjm

    What's your birds' favorite tv shows / things to watch or listen to?

    Mercury LOVES true crime videos or true crime podcasts !! Sometimes he likes to watch animal crossing videos as well :)
  12. tropicdragon

    At Wits End with Bipolar GCC

    So my conure, Gordi, is going to be 3 years old in June, and I would say his first hormonal season was last year. I knew that he would probably get nippy each spring but once last spring ended I thought the worst was over. How wrong I was. One night about a week ago, Gordi went to sleep as a his...
  13. Pecos2019

    How to clean cage with unhatched eggs?

    So my green cheeks, Chacha and Sancho, are new parents to 4 eggs. They are adorable when caring for them and taking care of each other as well. However, I am having difficulty finding a way to clean their cage WITHOUT touching or moving the eggs from their spot. I don't want the birds to notice...
  14. J

    crop adjustment? regurgitation? illness???

    my gcc (not sure of sex) was doing something weird today. she was furiously bobbing her head up and down with her mouth open and after awhile she spit out what i believe to be pieces of an almond she had eaten earlier. at first i thought this was probably her adjusting her crop of trying to get...
  15. DuckyLou

    Help me prepare for puberty?

    Hi Avian Family! Duck is officially 7 months old as of today. She is lovable and snuggly, and an overall sweetheart. I know that puberty will hit at some point, and I’m prepared for a change of behavior (teenagers, am I right?). I’m hoping to get some insight to help me prepare for what I’m in...
  16. DuckyLou

    Miss my baby when she goes to bed, anyone else?

    Hey all! This post has no real question, or need of a suggestion or advice. I am just sitting here in bed, and my pineapple conure Duck goes to bed usually between 7:30-8pm. And I can’t help but think as soon as she goes to bed I miss her and can’t wait for her to wake up in the morning. Does...
  17. F

    Green Cheek Biting Mate

    I have two Green Cheek Conure, Lewis and Lance. Lewis was my first conure and is about to turn two, which I heard can cause them to behave horribly. After a week of aggressively biting me, even flying to me just to attack, he is finally nice to me again. He broke the skin on my fingers more...
  18. J

    head shaking conure

    Lately (as in this morning), my gcc has started rapidly shaking her head. When I tried to look it up, all I could get was information on head bobbing or African Greys. This is not head bobbing but a side to side really quick shaking of her head, like when a dog shakes out their fur, but it's...
  19. K

    Should I get a GCC/bird? I'm lost.

    Hello! My name is Kayt. I have been doing research on parakeets (specifically Green Cheek Conures) for over a month and a half now. My mother is very hesitant and all I have received from others is negative feedback on birds. I really need to ask others that have birds what they think I should...
  20. Summzz

    Is your Green Cheek Conure a Bat Too??

    I came to this thought the other day when I walked in on my 11 year old Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure hanging upside down, eating. I laughed and talking to my mom about it saying "I swear she lives 85% of her life upside down". Eating, she is upside down. Taking a nap, she is upside down...