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gender help

  1. R


    Hi there. I'm a newbie here and I need yall's help! (Also sorry for any confusions/mistakes, English is not my native language). So 3-4 months ago I bought 2 lovebirds (from a pet shop), they didn't know their gender and I didn't take any DNA tests because I don't know if I can really afford...
  2. B

    Albino Budgie Gender?

    Hi, I have an albino budgie I think is about 8 months old. We think it's a girl because of her cere color but being albino it's somewhat hard to tell. "She" is very timid (from our experience females can be very timid) but also talks a LOT, like a male budgie, and that's what confuses us. Any...
  3. Manny

    My Caiques

    Hi Guys, I am new to this and thought I would join to say hi and share stories and hopefully get some advice. I have two Caiques; 1 WBC (male) & 1 BHC (female). I have a certificate for both to confirm the gender but, I think it maybe the other way around... My Black-Headed Caique (BHC) is 2 and...
  4. parry_blue

    Conures Gender

    Hello, my friend recently got a green cheeked conure but she doesnt know the gender. Any tips on how to find out? Thanks.
  5. Rio&Friend

    What gender it is?

    Hi everyone, I brought a new budgie. Its name is rainbow :budgieyf: . We brought her because my yellow colour budgie has become stress, so we decided to buy a new budgie. After we brought, My Yellow colour was finally free from stress. Can anyone tell me what gender it is? Because I feel it is...
  6. A

    What sex is my budgie? :)

    Hii guys, so I've had my budgie Peep for just under a year now, he's had his first moult. We're looking to get a second budgie to keep him company whilst we're at work, but I'm still unsure on his sex! Could anybody help me? I've got a couple of pictures. But sometimes his cere is much more...
  7. C

    Gender confirmation

    Hi ,I have a 6 month old cockateil and I'm super confused of what gender it is .so I'm sharing some pics I took ,dont think it will matter much tho,Thanks in advance❤ I have researched a lot about the molting process and baby cockateils but I was unable to confirm this little ones gender...
  8. Kilina

    Noodle's Gender?

    Hello! Hope that everyone is well and safe :) We have a 5 month old cockatiel, Noodle, his/her colors don't really say much at the moment since he/she's still very young. Noodle has stripes on his/her tail, but this seems to be common for all young cockatiels. Recently, we've noticed that...
  9. N31

    Is my budgie male?

    So I believe he is male but I just wanted others opinion. Thank you
  10. W

    Please help me identify baby cockatiel color and how to tell its gender when older

    Hello, everyone! I am getting my first cockatiel tonorrow. He/she is 8 weeks old and I was told that it was a grey pearl so I was wondering what it may look like when its adult features come in and how to tell its gender when it is a year old. I tried googling it but i keep finding images of the...