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  1. flyzipper

    Bird mess photos (Warning ~ Graphic)

    Inspired by this thread and today's clean-up before welcoming a visitor, I thought the topic of messes deserved its own thread in the spirit of this other thing. I hope it serves as a space to commiserate with our fellow bird guardians, see some lovely birds and their messes, and perhaps learn...
  2. MiniMarie

    Advancement of a chewer?

    Formatting will not be great cause I'm on mobile. So! My Jade is learning about toys still. She started with preening strings (not fabric, but grass type) to sea grass and other stringy things she would run her beak along.... Then she discovered she can actually remove pieces from her toys and...
  3. FeatheredM

    Diy toys

    Here I'll be posting diy toys that are easy and fun. Be careful that the recycled toys you use don't have the hardened glue on it. Make sure your bird is not ingesting any of materials. Recycle alot of stuff, anything as long as it's safe.
  4. FeatheredM

    Getting Conure! Some advice?

    I'm getting a conure soon, have to budgies and decided to make a bigger flock. For poeple who gave experience with conures, can you please tell me some advice like what you would had changed, what you discovered your bird liked ect. Really anything that will help.
  5. FeatheredM

    Do this with your coconut hut instead

    I just figured out coconut huts are bad for your bird, so instead of throwing it away I turned it into a foraging toy.
  6. casehulf

    What are your favorite ways (or your budgie's favorite) to entertain you budgie?

    Hi all, My budgie, Lemon, is super active and I am trying to figure out new ways to entertain her. She gets free reign of the house when I am home, which is most of the day. She is fully flighted (I firmly believe that she is a bird and is meant to fly. It would be like not allowing a...
  7. Kiwi & Co.


    Yay! Vacation! Two days ago on Monday we arived in Bluffton! As soon as I opened the travel carrier Kiwi flew out onto my head! (he really wanted to get out) We got to Bluffton at around 8:30 (Kiwi's Travel Journal coming soon) so I set up the cage! Fast foward to yesterday, we went to...
  8. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures What Is Your Budgie's Favorite Toy?

    Hello! I thought that It would be fun to compare our budgie's favorite toys so I made this thread! Post a photo of your budgie and their favorite toy! I'll start: This is one of Kiwi's favorite toys, he likes to ring its bell and swing on it. (of course he got distracted by the camera and tried...
  9. R

    In search of bird toy. Help!

    So I was at petsmart and I saw two parakeets having a blast with a toy. They don't carry it there and didn't know where I could find it. I NEED this toy. Please help me identify it. Hmmm, this isn't working with Google photos... be back after I find a better place to post the pic lol
  10. WallyCockatiel

    How do I make my cockatiel happy?

    I don’t know what games to play/ what to do when he is outside of the cage. I sing to him and let him sit beside me, but I don’t know what to do for fun. I don’t want him to be bored!!
  11. AkasyaEllric

    Slade's love of Cheeky Chirp Toys is never ending!

    I put a new one from @webchirp into his cage right before bed last night, and this video was too cute to not share with you guys! He really does love everything she makes.
  12. rocky'smom

    Pictures Lunch Bag Forging Toy

    @Rolanda Lunch Bag Forging toy What you will need: Old fashion brown paper lunch bags ( online you can smaller type bags that are just like these) Jute or hemp rope $ Tree shred Hole punch Embellishments: paper/ plastic straws, pony beads, parrot candy from TnT, loofa slices, wooden beads, vine...
  13. McBird

    sun conures: the yellowest things that aren't bananas

    last night I was looking at research over Sun Conure noises because I was just curious. supposedly they're REALLY loud but either I got lucky or I don't notice the sound all too much because I absolutely adore Leaf. it's funny how some people are saying they're too loud for them while other's...
  14. JPix

    Bored Birdie Buster!

    Hello, All! If you are fortunate enough to have a Cockatoo in your home, or any other smarty pants parrot for that matter, you probably know it's a challenge to find new ways to keep them busy for more than a few minutes. I think this is key in keeping these brilliant birds happy and well...