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foot trouble

  1. dangotiel

    Cockatiel being a bit weird about perching

    I'm completely brand new to this form (I've been lurking for a bit but I'm yet to make an intro post- I'll get round to it), so I'm not fully sure if this is better suited to go in Health or Toys & Cages, let me know if it should be moved! Onto the actual issue- my cockatiel is being a bit...
  2. A

    Baby cockatiel foot problems?

    I got this baby cockatiel that I am taking care of, Idk exactly how old it is but I am guessing around 3-4 weeks.. shouldn't they be standing on their legs by now? most of the time I see him leaned back resting more on his bone(Tarsus) than on his foot and he doesn't move too often is this...
  3. BirdLady13

    Adoption Health Concerns

    I have good news and "bad" news! The good news: I'm adopting a lovebird on Friday. I wasn't looking for another bird so soon, but it's happening and I couldn't be happier. The bad news: He has a problem with his feet. This seems like a similar case: Pictures - Do I have a foot problem? @Zara. I...
  4. P

    Quaker foot problem

    Hello! Our 29 year old Quaker suddenly has a limp foot and the other one seems to becoming more limp. We are worried he had a stroke. Has anyone seen this?
  5. J

    Dowel on Playstands

    Do your feathered babies have any foot issues with the wooden dowels that the play stands come with? If you replace them, what do you replace them with? Thanks so much!
  6. Lee C

    Pictures Help diagnosing toe issue for Timneh African Grey

    Grady, a Timneh African Grey, has had a foot problem for over a month. It started about two weeks before I brought him home, and I have had him for just over a month. I have been trying to get help for him. My local avian vet (who is over an hour away), cannot figure out the issue. I am...
  7. Ashenghoull

    Injured foot?

    Rain is a 3-4 year old conure. Today I just realized that he has small reddish dots on the top of his foot as well as the bottom of them. He is not wanting to put pressure on the foot and looks to be struggling to climb with it as well. He seems fine when I touch the foot itself, but when I...
  8. VelvetMariposa

    Quaker Itchy Foot

    Hello everyone! I recently got a little Quaker called Bobbi who is currently about 21 weeks old. He’s a very active bird, constantly chirping away and moving around his cage. Unfortunately, when we first got him, he had mites, lice or something similar and was constantly scratching and getting...
  9. Sweet Louise

    pink spot on bottom of her foot

    As I put Louise to bed, she was clinging to the side of the cage. Her feet are stained from tonight's blackberries but there was a spot on the bottom of her foot that was pink. Not a normal color on her feet and not part of the berry stains. I toweled her (first time I have done that) and...
  10. McBird

    foot issues?

    Leaf had this visible on his foot before we went to the vet. it wasn't there when we were there but I finally captured it on camera. he has: - a rope perch - two pedi-perches - an edible perch - four wood perches he also has various toys to sit on and two swings. no dowels, nothing that's too...
  11. chirpiesmom

    Reoccurring Limp in my Green Cheek Conure

    Hello! Our green cheek has had a reoccurring limp. This is the 4th time in about 16 months. The first time it lasted 7 days and was the result of flying into something 6 ft away after a seagull scared her in the window. The 2nd and 3rd time it only lasted a few days, and this time we are going...