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  1. Atomiklan

    Barking Finch

    Anyone out there hear their Society Finches making a barking like sound? It's usually when they get really frightened. Primarily Charlie does it. Seems to be a kind of high pitched alarm type call. A quick, sharp, "bark" is the best way I can describe it. Usually once to twice per second. I have...
  2. Atomiklan

    Nail clipping time!

    It is getting VERY close, if not past time for me to do some nail clipping. I am terrified to do this! Not because I am worried about cutting physically, I understand the process and what not to do. I am just sooooooo worried about stressing them out to the point that they become fearful of me...
  3. Atomiklan


    So the strangest thing just happened. I was sitting on the couch downstairs working. The birbs were hanging out in the cage in the kitchen. Blinds were closed with curtains drawn so nothing to see outside. No shadows. No loud noises. Absolutely nothing happened that would trigger them. I have...
  4. Bird_guy_oz

    My youtube channel bird videos

    Hi, thought id share my bird videos with everyone. Thanks for watching Birds: Birds - YouTube
  5. Atomiklan

    Territorial behavior

    Had another finch behavior question. I have noticed that a LOT of finch videos out there, particularly Zebra finch videos showcase territorial behavior in males. Are there large differences behavior wise between Zebra and Society finches? Let me explain. So far my two finches are sooooooo...
  6. Atomiklan

    Pictures Dummy Eggs

    Got the official dummy eggs in the mail a few days ago. Have not used them yet. Still letting Emma lay her full first ideal size clutch (see other post for explanation). When I got the eggs out of the packaging though, I was a little disappointed. Now I know probably 99.98% of you here are going...
  7. Atomiklan

    Handling the fids

    This is going to sound like a REALLY dumb question, but I gotta ask. Would it be advisable at some point to occasionally try to catch and handle the fids? Let me explain my logic. 1. The first school of thought is NO, that's a terrible idea. It will cause undue stress, they risk injury, they...
  8. Atomiklan

    Less messy?

    I feel like I am taking over this sub forum lol. Sorry for posting so much. I have been working from home a lot lately so I can spend lots of time with the new birds in order to bond. As a result, I generate lots of questions as I observe their behavior. Why have they become less messy with...
  9. Atomiklan

    Catching Emma

    I intentionally caught Emma today, primarily to inspect her foot (which looked odd), and inspect her nails up close. This also gave me a chance to see how they would react to being netted. I felt so bad. More so for Charlie. Poor Charlie went NUTS when I caught his girlfriend! Made his high...
  10. Atomiklan

    Emma & Charlie are parents!

    Well at least they are on the way... As anticipated, Emma laid her first egg today. She seems to have immediately taken to sitting on it as opposed to waiting a few days to start incubating. I'm guessing this may be because she is still a young inexperienced parent? Or, perhaps its just her...
  11. Atomiklan

    Test of patience!

    These two little finches are a SERIOUS test of patience.................. I seriously hope parrots are much more trusting, retentive, and accepting of people and training. Some days I feel like all the progress I made on the previous day is gone and they have forgotten me all over again. I am...
  12. Atomiklan

    New Casa

    So I decided to upgrade Charlie and Emma to a new house. The cage I originally purchased for them was just a starter finch cage that was pretty flimsy and was really just a stop gap solution until I could find something I liked better. I finally settled on a cage I really like that has most of...
  13. Atomiklan

    Strange behavior

    So Emma has started making some weird noises that I'm guessing someone out there can pin point. As I mentioned in my previous post, while I was out on vacation, Charlie and Emma started getting frisky. Charlie now seems to be in full nest building mode. He is hunting for materials around the...
  14. Atomiklan

    Unexpected travel

    So I had to slip away for a few days for work unfortunately. So strange considering I almost never travel. Considering I left around day 15 with my new finches, do you guys think I will lose any of my progress? Think they will be mad at me? I of course had some really close friends come take...
  15. Atomiklan

    Impossible Finch Training

    I find it really perplexing that so many people claim that finches are nearly impossible to tame. Granted I wont consider mine tame until they are flying to me on command and possibly accepting head scritches, but overall I have found the entire process relatively easy and fairly quick (at least...
  16. Natalia

    DIY Toys??

    What are your favorite DIY toys for your canaries/finches? And what materials are safe to use? I'm scared of using plastic beats and stuff like that :(