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  1. BourkesKid

    looking for species to cohabitate with my bourkes parakeet

    Hello. I am currently looking for a species to cohabitate with my bourkie Thistle. My other bourkie recently died and I am interested in a new species due to the manner of his death. My top two species purely based on aesthetics are star finches and a strawberry finches. Ideally, I would want a...
  2. J

    Society Finch Nest Behavior

    I am the owner of 2 diamond doves and 2 society finches. I recently crocheted a nest liner for the nest in their cage, wanting to make it more cozy for them and expecting them to enjoy it. They are very put off by the liner I made for them and don’t want to get in the nest when I put it in...
  3. G

    Bioactive birdcage?

    Hi, Sorry if this is not in the right category, I’m very new to this forum! I currently have two zebra finches. I’ve kept many different species of parrots and passerines but have settled down and am pretty happy with my two little finches. For a long time I’ve felt that they need an upgrade...
  4. M

    Budgie and finch wood perch and gymnasium

    Natural perches for free to good home. SACRAMENTO, CA Hello! I wanted to offer up some stands that I made for my budgies but aren't able to use because of my household situation. They are made of two high quality birch wood plywood that was garnished and I added wheels to the bottom. Then...
  5. FinchORI

    Should I cover my finches?

    Hey Everyone! When I first got Will and Arlo I didn’t cover their cage at night because my friend with budgies said they can get night terrors if you cover them the first night. So I decided to wait till they were settled in. I have had them for a while now, (over a month I believe) and I still...
  6. FinchORI

    Can you keep 4 female zebra finches together?

    I know that you are supposed to have two or 6+ finches, not 4, when you have male-female pairs, but what about all female? Could you keep 4 females together?
  7. FinchORI

    Hiya Birb Lovers!

    Hey guys! I joined a week or two ago and can’t remember if I introduced myself but I don’t think I did. :oops: Hi! I’m Ori, I have a dog (A Pekingese +Shih Tzu + Maltese + Yorkshire terrier mix) named Ozzie, a Roborovski hamster named Ink Blot, two rats named Cookie and Chippi, and two female...
  8. FinchORI

    Meet my girls!

    Everyone… meet my baby girls Will and Arlo! (As in my favorite musical artists, Will Wood and Arlo Parks) Arlo is the fawn one, and Will is the gray.
  9. FinchORI

    Getting my babies tomorrow!

    Just announcing that I’m getting my first birds, zebra finches, tomorrow! Im so excited! If anyone has tips on the first few days and getting birbs settled in, that would be appreciated!
  10. FinchORI

    Lee’s exotic birds

    I am looking for a breeder for a variety of finches, and there are none in my state (Massachusetts). I have come across a breeder online that has all of the birds I’m looking for, called Lee’s exotic birds, and I’m wondering if any of you guys have purchased from him and/or know if it’s legit...
  11. FinchORI

    Where to get finches

    Hello! I am new to finch owning, and I am thinking of getting a mixed finch aviary in the future. Where I live (Massachusetts) there are only Zebra and Society finches available easily, and the only way to get the more uncommon finches I want is through shipping. What are your guys thoughts on that?
  12. FinchORI

    Can you keep a single of a type of finch in a mixed aviary?

    Hello! I am new to finches, (I’m getting my first in a few days) and am thinking of possibly getting a mixed aviary sometime in the future. I was wondering if you can keep a single of a type of finch In a mixed non-breeding (all female) group. (Example one owl finch with other pairs of other...
  13. FinchORI

    Mixed finch aviary

    I am new to finches, I’m getting my first (zebra finches) in a week. I am thinking of buying a second a very large flight cage, and starting a mixed finch cage. I am wondering if any of you know if Gouldians, star finches, and society finches would do well together. Thanks!
  14. P

    Canary and Finch Housing

    Hello! We have 3 birds: Holmes (Zebra Finch) and Maus (Society Finch) and Lucca (male Canary). Holmes was best friends with his buddy, Watson, who sadly passed last year. Maus became his buddy afterward. Then we brought Lucca into our home. We recently got them a large divided cage. Each side...
  15. Quailer2

    How should convince my parents to bring my birds to the vet?

    Today, when I was hand-feeding my female zebra finch Flower, I looked at her feet and saw something I did not expect. Her feet were covered in white stuff (probably scaly mites) and the part of her feet between the three-toe section and the hallux was pink. So I am thinking that they have...
  16. N

    Help! Lots of finches and new eggs

    Hi! My uncle had about 50 finches in a large cage but got sick and the birds were contributing to breathing problems so I inherited them. I always loved these birds and planned on taking some off of his hands at some point but now I have them all first off I am now aware that 50 finches in...
  17. donutfinch

    Another Finch Question ;l

    Should I get a new finch even tho mine is probably old? Like 4, 5 maybe?
  18. F

    Zebra & Society Finch Compatible Companions?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here, and I was guided here by @Atomiklan to seek out some advice regarding his society finch, Atticus, and my zebra finch, Boo. I have a fair amount of experience with birds, having raised a couple of wild birds and also rehabbing several abused/neglected parakeets. A...
  19. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT Bejeweled Finch Swings

    Got a chance to finish some new swings that I'll be listing today and this week. Here's the first set: 4 tiny bejeweled swings for "tiny but fabulous" birdies :) Hope you like them and, if you do, please favorite them on my Etsy shop to spread the word - thank you so much...
  20. P

    Finch care

    Can finches be around the sound of video games and TV shows in a living room? just wondering.