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  1. Quailer2

    How should convince my parents to bring my birds to the vet?

    Today, when I was hand-feeding my female zebra finch Flower, I looked at her feet and saw something I did not expect. Her feet were covered in white stuff (probably scaly mites) and the part of her feet between the three-toe section and the hallux was pink. So I am thinking that they have...
  2. N

    Help! Lots of finches and new eggs

    Hi! My uncle had about 50 finches in a large cage but got sick and the birds were contributing to breathing problems so I inherited them. I always loved these birds and planned on taking some off of his hands at some point but now I have them all first off I am now aware that 50 finches in...
  3. donutfinch

    Another Finch Question ;l

    Should I get a new finch even tho mine is probably old? Like 4, 5 maybe?
  4. forestfox

    Zebra & Society Finch Compatible Companions?

    Hello Everyone, I am new here, and I was guided here by @Atomiklan to seek out some advice regarding his society finch, Atticus, and my zebra finch, Boo. I have a fair amount of experience with birds, having raised a couple of wild birds and also rehabbing several abused/neglected parakeets. A...
  5. Davi

    NEW PRODUCT Bejeweled Finch Swings

    Got a chance to finish some new swings that I'll be listing today and this week. Here's the first set: 4 tiny bejeweled swings for "tiny but fabulous" birdies :) Hope you like them and, if you do, please favorite them on my Etsy shop to spread the word - thank you so much...
  6. Puddles02

    Finch care

    Can finches be around the sound of video games and TV shows in a living room? just wondering.
  7. M

    Can i keep parakeets and finch, java sparrow in same room

    Hi This my another post.i pet parakeet speciesin my bird room.ihave budgues,cockatie, lovebirds.now i purchase some finch and java. But my one relative said its not good for parakeets health.finches and java spread many Disease in parakeets species. Its really true?if yes how i control it...
  8. M

    Can I pet Budgies, Finches, Java sparrows in same room in different cages?

    Hello, I have few pair of budgies and cockatiels in different cages in same room. But now, I want to pet finches and java sparrows in budgie's room in different cages. Can I will face any problem or my budgie will get disease from finches and java sparrows?? Thanks
  9. Les charlson

    New member-Caiques, Alexandrines,Eclectus, Lorikeets.

    Hello everyone. I have been reading the forums but haven't introduced myself. I am female and live in Australia. I have a disabled Eclectus aged 3, 2 Scaly breasted Lorikeets one is disabled, a 5 month old Alexandrine and a 4 yr old Alex , a 4 year old black headed Caique and am getting another...
  10. Atomiklan

    Sleepy burb

    So Charlie did the funniest thing a few days ago. I got home one night and my heat had some sort of an error and it was a little chilly downstairs. Went to check on the finches and Charlie was shivering :( as he is not allowed to snuggle up with Emma right now. So I decided to get him out of...
  11. Atomiklan

    Pictures Interesting nest situation

    So I went ahead and let Charlie & Emma nest. I am not going to re-explain or justify my reasons. You can read about them in my last post here: Charlie & Emma | Avian Avenue Parrot Forum Things have developed into a rather strange situation and I'm curious if anyone has experienced this before or...
  12. Atomiklan

    Charlie & Emma

    Hey all, need some opinions. C&E have been in a nesty mood for the last month or so. Its probably been a good year since I took their nest away from their last nesting season. Usually they are content without a nest, at least Emma is. She ignores Charlie's advances and life goes on like normal...
  13. Atomiklan

    Finchy Xperiment

    So earlier tonight as I was cleaning up the kitchen I heard some unusual commotion emanating from the finchy household. Usually Charlie and Emma settle down for the night on the weekends (relative to my schedule) around the time I start wrapping up downstairs. They have a pretty regular...
  14. Atomiklan

    Funny mashup

    Had a really funny dream last night. Dreamt I had to take Charlie (Society Finch) to the vet. Nothing was particularly wrong with him. In fact I remember thinking to myself, ugh... this vet is not doing anything useful and its gonna cost me a fortune. That's not the funny part... In fact, that...
  15. Atomiklan

    Behavioural direction

    Let me pose a hypothetical question. Lets say you take two brand new, non tame society finches and allow them to breed. You then 100% hand raise the babies to the point that they are the complete opposite of the parents (100% tame). Lets say you then reintroduce all the birds together again and...
  16. Atomiklan

    Red Bull Air Race...

    Charlie and Emma are so funny sometimes when they get really active and fly around the kitchen. I've started to notice a pattern in some of their flights. They have a tendency to come out the cage and do a loop around my head. They seem to try to get as close as possible too when looping. It's...
  17. Atomiklan

    My chicken nuggets!

    No explanation needed... :)
  18. Atomiklan

    Pictures Charlie & Emma are at it again!

    So Emma has picked out a favorite spot on a branch near the corner of their cage and seems to have decided this will be their new nesting site. I'm not saying it's an impossible spot, but it is quite funny watching Charlie try and try and try to make this spot work (well get it started at...
  19. Atomiklan

    Interesting observations

    So to those of you who followed my post from a few weeks ago about handling the finches daily, I ended up abandoning it completely. It started to become a "chase" with Charlie and was really stressing him out. We almost had an accident too so I put a stop to it. Its been a week or so now and I...
  20. Atomiklan

    Handling conditioning

    Ok so I know I have asked this before in some sense. Lately Emma and Charlie (mainly Charlie) have been quite scared of me. I have had to catch them a few times for various reasons including a nail trim recently, but I actually attribute this behavior more to less daily hands on interaction. At...