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feeding advice

  1. Sully09

    11 week old bng appetite

    I have just joined and hoping for some advice. I have had Sully since he was 7 weeks. He has been a joy last week, he was not acting correctly. Not wanting to eat hardly. I typically fed him 100cc 3x daily. I could hardly get 50cc in him. Took him to the vet. They swabbed his crop and found he...
  2. bug_inarug

    Automatic feeders for birds?

    Hi everyone! I was navigating the internet the other day and came across these automatic/digital pet feeders that you can control through your phone, even when you’re away. As I live in shared custody and am away half the time, I was curious if this would be a viable option for feeding my birds...
  3. L

    Options for Budgie Weight Loss?

    Hi all, I have a flock of five budgies currently and need some weight loss help. I've had keets for 15+ yrs now, but I've never had a big issue with obesity until recently. My current flock of keets are all 3-5 years in age. I also have lovebirds. My birds live in species-specific large flight...
  4. Plumosi

    Are these veggies actually bad for parrots? Zupreem better than TOPS?

    This is going to be a long one, sorry. So Sunday was a bad day. My Amazon parrot, Joey, had a blood feather in the morning, my sports team lost, and the IRS sent me a letter telling me I owe them MORE money. Serenity now!! Fortunately, Joey's blood feather clotted by itself, and although it was...
  5. Sops1306

    Help what do i feed fussy cockatiels.

    Hi what on earth would I feed fussy cockatiels when the mum has laid eggs, I want them to get the best vitamins however they won't eat fruit or veg and they will only east seeds. I've never tryed them on pellets but to get them there vitamins in I'm going to give it a shot, however money is...
  6. Pastel

    Vegetables, homemade seed mix and eggs for my budgie?

    Hi! I’m getting my first budgie tomorrow. I’ve been getting prepared for about three weeks. There is only one thing i’m not sure i got right: healthy eating. After alot of research, I made my own mix using organic seeds. I’m looking for feedback and making sure so i will share my recipe: 50%...
  7. T

    Conure baby help!

    Hi there, I’ve found myself ina situation that has resulted in me having to hand rear a baby conure in the next few days. I am unsure of how old the baby is, I’ve been told 6-7 weeks but am unsure. I will attach pictures. currently the baby is being fed by syringe at 8am, 1pm, 7pm and 12am...
  8. J

    Urgent Help please, 5-week-old baby pineapple conure won't syringe feed

    Just yesterday, I got a 5-week-old pineapple conure from a local breeder. Before I brought her home, the breeder told me to give her a syringe of formula around 8pm. When 8pm arrived, I prepared her formula, (the temp was about 38-39° celcius), put in in a 10mL syringe, and introduced the...
  9. mothhteeth

    How much should a baby green cheek conure eat?

    So my baby green cheek conure, Rocky (roughly 1 month) who weighs 42 grams ate 12 whole grams of formula when we were letting him practice eating on his own. Is that okay for him?
  10. Lulu1983

    Help please

    Hi I have a 5 week old Quaker parrot and I have never hand fed any pet I am feeding him with this syringe 3 time a day he always seems hungry sometime I have him one and half also I was told it’s a she her name is lulu but I am not sure how to tell please help appreciatted
  11. M

    My Conure Didn't Eat Millet

    Hi, My Pineapple conure didn't eat millet. Only they eat sunflower seed, safflower seed, paddy rice, hemp seed. They just eat those seeds from seedmix. How can I let them to eat millet?? Thanks
  12. SleepyTiel

    Feeding Schedule?

    Hi everyone! I have had my cockatiel, Delilah for about two months now and she is such a wonderful bird but still not hand tame and is on a full-seed diet. I want to eventually switch her over to pellets but as I am self-isolating for the foreseeable future, I am instead trying to get her to eat...
  13. B

    My first Cockatiel suddenly becomes agressive, HELP ME PLS

    Um, hello! I'm new to cockatiels... and to forums... and to birds at all, actually. A few days ago I bought my first cockatiel who is approximately 7 months old. I kept him inside the cage for the first few days; he would eat from my hand and stand on it and ask for my presence when I went to...
  14. Littlelovebird

    handfeeding 7 weeks lovebird

    Hey guys!! I need help! I got a new baby lovebird! She is 7 weeks old and is not completely weaned so I need to feed her twice a day and finish weaning her. Its my second time with a lovebird but my first with the feeding experience! We got her about 3 days ago and she is extremely hungry! Very...
  15. Kestrel

    12 week old cockatiel still not weaning!

    So my tiel, Ayrendi, will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and she is showing zero signs of wanting to slow down on her formula feedings. That said she IS eating seed, pellets and veggies every day. She has been eating all three for a few days now. In fact she's chowing down on the seed and pellets...
  16. melodydee

    New Baby Cockatiel - Welcome Advice

    Our new little cockatiel will be coming home in the next week or two once she ready and able to feed on her own. We have a little cage for her to come home in and stay for the first little while until she's ready to go into her larger cage. We have had budgies and a senegal in the past, so I...
  17. U

    Need Help! Baby Green Cheek Conure

    Hi, I'm a new bird owner or at least new to taking care of Green Cheeks. I recently bought a new baby green cheek which is only about 8 weeks old, and isn't weaned. The breeder told me I should be fine handfeeding him for another week or two, but he hasn't been eating any of the hand fed food...
  18. Rainbowings

    New to Lovebirds + baby birds... Help!

    Hi there! I am relatively new to birds in general. My mom did have a family parrot when I was a kid & I had 2 parakeets- but being a kid my mom did most of the work! Last year I got a pair of lovebirds. Not gonna lie- it was a knee jerk kinda thing & that was irresponsible. The parents were...
  19. M

    Help feeding my Budgie

    Have had my budgie for about 3 years, he is fully tame, his cage is open so he can come and go as he pleases, his name is Buddy and he is a talker and copies a lot of what I whistle or say, I live on my own. When he first came he would eat pretty much anything budgie like, he loved the normal...
  20. R

    Got baby teils need some advice 3week olds

    - They are 20-25 days old - they seem to squeel for food every 2 hours - they squeel for food even after I feed them - I was told to give them 8ml of formula 4 times a day or 15ml 3 times a day by 2 diff vendors. - my questions are: what is the best portion vs meals a day to aim for with them. -...