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  1. KiwiPo

    Needy Bird Please Help

    Today is his second day home. At the store he was hand fed and handled and was not scared of us. Yesterday, he immediately started playing with his toys, ate his seeds( we r planning on feeding him pellets but r going to wait on that) and even tried some eggs, killer Dave bread, and lemon...
  2. conureluv

    What is this?

    He gets this patch of colored “beak” that looks like his beak previously flaked off and food got under it. It’s red when he eats strawberries and yellow when he eats his pellets. Is this bad? background info: 10 months old, male, hand fed, diet is Zupreem natural but I am switching him to Rowdybush.
  3. elitys

    GCC Development Stages

    Poppy turned 1 last month and I feel like we are in a very annoying phase. She is biting a lot more than she used to (not always aggressively, but sometimes) and is much less interested in cuddling. She wants to wrestle constantly. When she's on shoulders, she often goes to bite ears or necks...
  4. soup

    conure quiet chirps

    Hi! my green cheek conure makes more stained and quiet chirps at night, is this normal?
  5. Grigals

    Thinking about getting a friend for my conure

    Hello again guys!! I have a conure named Kirby if you didn't know and I'm thinking about adopting him a friend. He is really lonley whenever I leave and I wish I could be with him 24/7 but I can't :( I think he would be a lot happier with another bird to keep him company while I'm out of the...
  6. Seulregi

    Yellow sided turquoise conure and cinnamon conure, what will their babies be?

    Hi guys! as I mentioned in the title. I have a female yellow sided turquoise (tic-tac) and a male cinnamon conure (Ricky) who have just started mating and the female is working the nest, I’m just curious as to what colours they are expected to throw? I haven’t been able to find much information...
  7. A

    Conure and budgies

    Hello all, We will be building a large outdoor aviary soon and have been considering stocking arrangments (as some if you may already know)! I have just come across some conures, but I am not sure on exact species, but I was wondering if I could keep my budgies with them. The aviary will be...
  8. R

    Are these stress bars?

    I had my little conure for about 3 months now and I started to notice his feathers are turning black in some areas. So I looked at pictures from when I first got him to now. I dont know if it's his diet or if he is stressed. I feed him pellets and fruits. He refuses to eat his veggies and sprouts.
  9. G

    Which bird should I buy?

    Hi:) I want to buy a bird. But I can't decide which bird to choose. I prefer a cuddly and docile bird, that doesn't bite or go through bluffing phase. I live with my mom and I don't want a bird that prefers one person over others at home. I would like my bird to learn some tricks or to talk a...