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  1. C

    Conure is sick and won't improve

    I've had my boy Salem for a couple years now, after having him for around 4 months he suddenly became quite ill, vomiting and having extremely liquidy poops. We brought him to the vet and ended up figuring that he may have gotten into his old cage which had some pretty old dirty water and that...
  2. I

    Urgent Cinnamon conures beak not opening

    Hello I’m new to this platform. Sissy is a cinnamon conure who is about 4-5 months old. A week ago she was sitting on the door and my sister accidentally without looking closed it and sissy’s got out in time (that’s what we thought at first )but she was extremely scared and her left eye was not...
  3. mango&dex

    911 Green cheek conure has a cut above nail on foot

    Yesterday I was trimming my conures wings which our vet recommended us doing. As I was doing so his foot got in the way and it cut above his nail. I was immediately panicking and called my vet while using some baby powder which was the only thing I had on hand to stop the bleeding. He didn’t...
  4. mango&dex

    Urgent Two conures ate brownie pieces

    (Help!) Today, I made brownies because I felt like baking something. My birds love coming to the counter see what I’m making. After I made the brownies I put them in a plate and covered it with a paper towel, I put my birds near the window where they watch outside. I was gone for maybe 15-20...
  5. B

    Potential recovery?

    Hi all my conure was diagnosed with fatty liver and the vet simply told us more veg and carbohydrates we have been following that rule and she is now much more active than before, she eats 3 times a day now (each meal taking 1-3 hours to finish, taking longest at sunset and sundown) and is...
  6. R

    Unsure whether my conure is sick or just settling in

    So I recently brought home a young pearly conure, he is about 8-12 weeks old, hand raised and from a lovely breeder. he has only been here for around a day and im aware that it can take a while for a bird to properly settle in but I’ve noticed some behaviours from him that I’m a bit nervous...
  7. B

    Babies anniversary

    Hi all Its my conures anniversary (the day we got her) and I’d like to give her a special meal that special meal being based on human meals (because we never let her have any human food) i have already decided on giving her pasta with peas and sweet potato so conventionally, following a special...
  8. B

    First ever x ray

    Hello everyone. My conUre needs to have an x ray done as the vet has suspicions that her long going wing flipping and head bobbing is a result of heavy metal poisoning I would gladly comply To this, but I am concerned about my birds well-being whilst being under anaesthetic im very suspicious of...
  9. ZY28

    Need help with step up

    Hi, I got a 3 month old pineapple green cheek conure a little over 2 weeks ago. The breeder said that he understood 70 pourcent of the time the command. He doesn't respond to me so I started from zero. I can now easily lure him on my hand. The problem is once he finishes the treat he will start...
  10. C

    pls help me .

    Hi my name is Tatiana I’m a minor and I currently own a sun conure ;) . I am looking for a peach fronted conure to take care of as well . Can anybody help me find one ? Or tell me where I could find one . (Not my pic)
  11. C

    senior conure

    my conure is 23 and i am SO terrified of her dying, we adopted her about a year ago and she has helped me so much and i’m just so sad and worried about her leaving since she’s so old. does anyone have any tips on how to not be so sad over this? she’s not sick or anything i’m just worried
  12. Mangito


    So I have a sun conure who likes to attack little children :/ He started doing this when my 10 year old brother started to mock him or annoy my sun conure. My conure did get annoyed and started flying on his face to bite him. My brother annoyed him even more so J told him to stop.he is not...
  13. KiwiPo

    Where Can I Buy Safe Bird Toys For My Conure

    No plastics please or artificial dyes. My bird loves those little balls that are destructible and paper strings. Also does anyone know any safe bells? She loves them but the ones I bought felt sharp and I wasn’t sure if there was any lead or dangerous chemicals. Hanging bells are ok but she...
  14. KiwiPo

    What is the Best Harness for a Conure

    I have a black-capped conure and have heard that this breed is smaller than other conures. He is about 9 weeks old now and is very desensitized to touch. He lets us touch his beak, under the wings, feet, and belly. We do know that petting too much in certain areas can cause hormonal issues but...
  15. KiwiPo

    Baby Bird’s Wings are Twitching

    He’s always been kind of like that but we noticed that today he has been extra twitchy and more vocal today. We are setting an appointment with an avian vet but what do you guys think of his behavior? Is he okay? I’ve been told that some birds make noises when they eat but he seems to make these...
  16. KiwiPo

    What are some essential tricks/training for a bird?

    We have been doing target training, step ups, and recall?( not sure if that’s the right word but just flying to our hands)What are some useful or essential things we should teach him?? Also when do you know when a bird has mastered a trick? When he no longer needs to see a treat? Also for...
  17. KiwiPo

    What Kind of Music Does Your Bird Like?

    Me and my s/o have a young conure and we want to introduce and dance in front of our bird Kiwipo but are unsure what kind of music birds like! Does your bird like music and what genre? I was singing “How deep is your love” and I noticed my bird staring and falling asleep. He’s now 8 weeks so he...
  18. KiwiPo


    Idk how to upload videos on here but we noticed that for his age of a little over 7 weeks he is a great flyer! Here is a link to my Instagram story! I’m on private but if you can’t view my story I will put it to public for a couple hours...
  19. KiwiPo

    How Much Oranges Can My Baby Conure Have?

    Today is Kiwipo’s fourth day home. We have been introducing to him a variety of foods. So far he only likes oranges in the fruit compartment. Oranges are acidic so how much should I give him? Right now he is eating 1 piece of a cutie orange and totally annihilated it. Is this too much for him...
  20. KiwiPo

    When Should I Start Introducing Pellets to my Baby Conure?

    He is roughly 5-6weeks old and we have had him for 3 days now. He is extremely tamed and is VERY food motivated. He just got done with liquid feedings and was fed seeds and soft grain/veggie mixture. When should I start introducing pellets? I was recommended and have bought a large bag of...