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#cockatiel #bird #behaviour

  1. Clairdelun

    Urgent Sick bird

    My cocktiel has been sitting silently for 3 days or more .just sleeping and very less to no vocalising.doesnt seem to to eat or drink water much. Noticed it very weak today .It was sitting at the bottom of the cage.And looks like might fall anytime now .HELP? ALSO ANY CHEAP ONLINE VET I CAN...
  2. S

    Cockatiel help?

    Good morning everyone! I’m a newbie here but my name is Stefanie. My question is can you bond to young cockatiels that are already bonded together? I got a pair of cockatiels (brother and sister I was told) that have not been DNA tested. The yellow one is Bowie and the grey one is Halen...
  3. M

    I just bought a neglected cockatiel.

    Hi! I bought a cockatiel in a market, they usually sell them without care and basically mistreats them… they come in miserable conditions. I got my bird, she has 2 new scratched both located underneath her wing. She’s only 5 months old, I’m slowly bonding with her, yet she still is startled of...
  4. S

    Sudden signs of agression in cockatiel

    I have a 3 year old male cockatiel named Atlas, I have had him for almost 1.5 years now, he never showed any signs of agression infact he is a very happy bird but for almost 2 days now he is flying around agitated, screaming and he started to bite which he never used to do. He does call another...
  5. L

    Stopped Singing/whistling

    My Cockatiel, Sunny, has stopped singing/whistling. He acts like he is completely fine; he eats, drinks, stool is normal, chirps, and interacts with me. The only thing he stopped was singing/whistling. I don’t think he is going through a molting period either. Does anyone know what is going on...
  6. alyssanor

    hello , how can i make my cockatiels feel as comfortable as possible.

    hello , i just got 2 cockatiels , a male and female. they are hissing and biting. they also pluck their feathers out and shake and puff up. i do not want them to feel uncomfortable or unsafe and scared. is there anything i can do to make them feel like they belong and have them feel safe around me?
  7. C

    Why does my cockatiel male keep trying to feed(?) a baby that's not his?

    Does the question make sense? I've adopted an adult male cockatiel (Miu), he's very sweet and tame. We've had him for a few years now. Recently my mom brought home a 3 week old cockatiel chick, Miu is very interested and always observes me feeding the baby. Whenever he gets close to the baby...
  8. H

    My parent raised cockatiel!

    I got a parent raised cockatiel he's so scared of me and I don't know how to tame him, he also can't sleep in the new house and he's so quite and only makes a sound when I show him videos of other cockatiels, so is he mad or happy? He's wings aren't clipped so I can't get him out of the cage and...