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I just bought a neglected cockatiel.


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Hi! I bought a cockatiel in a market, they usually sell them without care and basically mistreats them… they come in miserable conditions. I got my bird, she has 2 new scratched both located underneath her wing. She’s only 5 months old, I’m slowly bonding with her, yet she still is startled of me and can’t recognise me as much; (usually when I’m in different clothes.) I really hope that she could finally get my trust, can anybody give advice so that I could:
1. Bring her out of her cage.
2. Hand feed her.
3. Come near her cage without her being startled or/and hissing.
4. Put my hand in her cage, especially to buy her new toys. She doesn’t have any, currently.
5. Prevent bites, also can somebody tell me how hard is a cockatiel’s bite?
6. Know behaviours of cockatiels all the time without googling.
7. Make her feel comfortable: near me, inside her cage, or anywhere.
8. My father always harms her or attempts to, and when I stop him politely and instinctively, he insults me and gaslights + manipulates me. How to prevent this?
9. What can I do to make her like me more?

And any other facts that may help me! Her cage size is approximately 60cmx48cmx61cm. I can’t get a larger one though, sadly.
Thank you for your time. :):heart:


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So, to do 1, 2, 3, 4, you have to begin in the same way:

Try sitting next to the cage. If she is scared, take a few step back. Is she relaxed now? If not, keep stepping back until she relaxes. Now, step slowly forward. Is she okay? Wait a few seconds, standing still. Still relaxed? Great. Repeat until you’re sitting next to her cage. Now stay there. Mutter under breathe, to relax her. Say things like ‘I love you,’ ‘what a good girl…’ etc. Humans tend to say these phrases in gentle, encouraging tones, and birds can read your tone, so never snap at her.

I can’t help with 5, except saying to learn the warning signs. For 6, I’ve never owned a cockatiel, and frankly, all birds, even of the same species, act differently. 9, spend time with her.

For 1, do you have a T-stick?


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Thank you for helping her. If she is really scared you can try covering her cage on 3 sides, leaving the front open until she settles in more. That way she won't be on alert for "danger" on all 4 sides. Spend time sitting with and even reading to her. That way she gets used to your voice without that scary eye contact. For now, you can even just thread pieces of paper through the cage bar as a "toy". Tiels usually love to shred. So that's something you can do until you can put a toy in. Just take things slow and try to move at her pace.


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:bliss: Congratulations!


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I have a tiel, and about the biting, she can draw blood. BUT (this is a big but) she is only willing to bite me that hard if she is hormonal. She currently has a few infertile eggs that she insists on sitting on top of, and because of this she will bite me if i attempt to touch them, but other than that it's more of a slight pinch. I am currently in the process of bonding with her, and I have to say, she will be completely unwilling to be bond with any human while she is actively being neglected. Not gonna lie, your dad needs to not be in contact with her at all, otherwise she won't bond. Mine loses trust quickly. She'll also probably become happier if you get her toys. what's her current diet? Congrats on the bird!!! :yah: