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  1. W

    Month old cockatiel keeps yawning and moving beak side to side.

    hi so I’m new here but i just got a month old cockatiel like 2 hours Ago . When I first got him the breeder said he already gave him 4 ml formula and I give the rest so he gets used to my syringe. His crop was empty but he didn’t want the food I still gave him 5ml. He dosent seem tired or sick...
  2. Y

    Urgent Cockatiel vomit and not eating

    Hi, my cockatiel haven’t been eating since yesterday afternoon and keep vomiting. She’s looking very tired. Brought her to vet yesterday and they prescribed antibiotics, subcutaneous fluid and metalon syrup. They did X-ray on her as well and doctor suspect it might be infection. Till now, my...
  3. J

    Is my cockatiel being aggressive or just overbearing?

    My parakeet always tries to go to kiss my cockatiel. But whenever he does my cockatiel seems kinda aggressive. I have seen them regurgitate to each other many times and have also seen my cockatiel making heart wings while singing to my parakeet many times. When they regurgitated to each other...
  4. Z

    Urgent Something wrong with my cockatiels foot

    I was playing with my cockatiel today and I noticed a white/pale bump on his right foot. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t there yesterday as I would’ve noticed if it was. He’s acting completely normal and doing his regular daily activities, although It seems to be bothering him now as he is avoiding...
  5. SJ07

    Hello I’m new to cockatiels pls help me understand this

    Hello guys my name is saaniya and 3 days ago I rescued a cockatiel Lutino basically from a tree he’s very happy bird small age in my opinion I have pet birds like roosters , red vented bulbul and pigeons it’s my very first time with a cockatiel So first I googled and found they eat fruits and...
  6. N

    Male Cockatiel getting really aggressive

    I have two cockatiels. My male cockatiel, 11 years old, has suddenly gotten really aggressive. Whenever try to change water or food in the cage, he comes to bite my hand. He also comes aggressively to the edge of the cage even when I pass by it. This behavior is completely new and never happened...
  7. D

    Urgent Need help for my cockateil bird, i think he is having seizures?

    Hi, i have a 3.5 year old cockateil bird, his name is Ame. The thing is, it is sort of a untamed one and is not trained that much but i try my best to take care of it. I normally give him pearl millet mixed with sunflower seeds (minimum quantity), sometimes spinach, or other green leaves. The...
  8. Tenleigh

    Pink eye

    I found out that I have pink eye last night. I am wondering if my cockatiel can get pink eye from me. I found many different answers on google and other resources and I’m not sure if they are true. If anyone can tell me if birds can get sick with pink eye or can I contact them with sick and...
  9. Tenleigh

    Something in his nose

    I noticed boogers in both of my cockatiels nose. This happened before but the vet just removed them and he seemed fine. I’m not sure how to remove them or if I should remove it? Does anyone know what I should do next? (His behavior is normal overall.)
  10. Tenleigh

    Can birds get covid?

    I tested positive for Covid-19 this morning. I been seeing mixed answers if birds can get COVID-19 or not. Does anyone know if I can spend COVID-19 to my cockatiel? If birds can’t get COVID-19, can some people give me tips how to entertain my bird while we quarantine in a room?
  11. Tenleigh

    Vet visit

    Today we went to the vet to get my cockatiels nail trimmed. They were telling my information that I was kinda unsure about. They told me when he is taking a bath add some aloe into the bath, they said it helps with molting. I told them I give my cockatiel a seeds, vegetables, and fruits. They...
  12. Tenleigh

    Hows my birds set up?

    hows my cockatiel set up? I finally got done with making his play gym!! He loves it so much, he enjoys watching the birds outside. If you have any advice please let me know!
  13. Tenleigh

    Weird bump on birds wing

    I was petting my 4 month cockatiel this morning and noticed a weird hard bump. I never noticed it before, never knew he had this. He doesn’t bite it or scratch it as far as I know. There’s no blood around the bump, or redness. Can anyone give me an idea what this is? Here’s the only photos I...
  14. Tenleigh


    I have a 4 month cockatiel. I’m leaving for vacation on this Saturday, for 2 weeks. I already found someone to watch my bird. (she has experience with birds) Is there anything that I should be worried about, or am I gonna lose the bond with my bird when I’m gone? Should I tell the person who’s...
  15. Tenleigh

    Introducing myself and a question

    Hi! My name is tenleigh and I have a baby cockatiel which is 4 months! I loved birds through my whole live and new to this Community! I have a question if anyone can answer. My bird (kevin) keeps flying to window and watching the birds outside. I don’t know if it’s good for him or should I leave...
  16. shajeeb

    Pictures I need serious help! My one year old female cockatiel thinks im her mate!

    She was about 10 weeks old when we adopted her. I handfeed her until she was ready to eat by herself. She is well bonded with me and my wife. She hates to go back in her cage. She loves to fly around in the house. For some weird reason she thinks im her mate! She comes up to me and do the mating...
  17. shedua

    My Cockatiel purrs when being pet?

    Hello, I've had my female cockatiel for about a year now, and every time I give her a petting session, she always makes this chirping noise. I've tried to find videos of other tiels making the same noise but to no avail. Does anyone else's cockatiel make this noise or something similar? I'd be...
  18. shajeeb

    Video What type of cockatiel he is?

    Hello, Meet Loki. He is a baby boy (5 months old). I was wondering if he is a cinnamon or peart! Youtube link
  19. MarieBux

    Cockatiel colour mutation

    Hello everyone, I am curious to know what mutation type my male cockatiel is (Draco). He has some pretty unique patterns. I have attached some picture and would be greatful if anyone has any suggestions :) Thankyou in advance ☺
  20. XII28

    Are female cockatiels capable of talking?

    If they are capable, is there a way to train them how to talk? Also, I'm new to owning a bird and mine is female. She seems to be doing odd things like putting her butt in the air when I rub her back or head..