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Pictures I need serious help! My one year old female cockatiel thinks im her mate!


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She was about 10 weeks old when we adopted her. I handfeed her until she was ready to eat by herself. She is well bonded with me and my wife. She hates to go back in her cage. She loves to fly around in the house. For some weird reason she thinks im her mate! She comes up to me and do the mating act! She has started doing this for 3 months now! I used give her head scratches or kiss her on the head, but i have stopped doing that for a month or two. I barely even touch her (trying my best not to stimulate her) lol.
I also a male cockatiel. who is very interested for her, but she does not like her at all. They are about the same age. Male cockatiel sings and chase her all day to impress her, but she is not slightly interest on him! I dont know what to do! I do i make her stop thinking I'm her mate?

Youtube link Loki is trying to impress her


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I can't help with your issue but I just HAD to pop in to say Loki is so stinkin' cute! He's giving his all to impress her and she's having none of it, poor guy! Is he singing "If You're Happy and You Know It"?

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You are doing the right thing with very limited physical touching. You could try making her jealous by giving the cock bird more attention and some touching. I have had male and female birds masturbate on me and it usually doesn't worry me because I don't react and encourage them. I usually substitute and small stuffed toy between my skin and the bird's cloacae and that is a buzz kill for them. Two of them learned to use the stuffed toy instead of me for masturbation.

Myself, I don't find this behavior a problem. Natural in the wild; I've seen usually immature wild birds getting off on branches and leaves. My BFF has two hen cockatiels who are sisters and live together and used to masturbate on perches. In the last two years, they have started mating together with the older bird, MJ (Lutino) taking the "male" mount and the younger, Azure, the hen role. These behaviors include with MJ doing the courting and singing and intimate grooming around the head and neck, and Azure declining to groom MJ in return until MJ initiates mating! b Again, normal wild behavior. The only cock bird in the house is the sisters' father, and we do not want him having any more babies. He is a wife beater. He is about 12 years old and his mate is Mindy, a 25 y/o bird; the last survivor of my original cockatiel flock. We often have to separate Mindy from her mate as he plucks her head bare because she can no longer mate with him. If we keep them separated too long, Mindy just stands in the middle of the cage and screams until we move them back together. Very frustrating.


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