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  1. Poochibird

    Food portions for cockatiel

    Hello again, you were very helpful on my last post so I have another question. How much food do I give each day in his bowl? He is around 3 months old. If you could tell me in tsp or spoons that’ll be more helpful haha. For seeds/pellets and veges.
  2. MarieBux

    Chick development

    Hello me again My cockatiel has an 11 day old chick and I'm worried about its development and would like your opinion.... I gave attached a picture to this post of the chick, like I said it's 11 days old and is still not using his feet beside to wriggle round in circles. As you can see in...
  3. MarieBux

    Cockatiel plucking after laying eggs

    Hello everyone, I'm a becoming increasingly concerned as my female cockatiel daisy has been plucking on her chest feathers and a bit around the top of her legs. Daisy also laid her first egg on the first of July. She had a cluch of 4 egg which we're fertile. On the 28th of July her first egg...
  4. England

    What's made from zince

    My avian vet left Need some help they want me to get her calcium levels up before treating metal Poison (zince) what could it be that gave it to her thanks guys
  5. England

    What are they

    My bird has lots of theses what are they and what do they mean any advice appreciated ?
  6. C

    Cockateil training

    So my tiel is 6 months old .She was raised by me since she was 2 weeks old .She was very much tamed and trusted me till.I even taught the step up command easily and then somewhere something went wrong ,suddenly my bird doesnt trust me and bites if I touch her.I think it might be because I...
  7. C

    Hello!im newww

    Hi!Im Saara from Maldives.I have a 6 month old cockateil.looking forward for helpful information This is my birdy Zestuki❤
  8. A

    Cockatiel balance issue

    Hi! My tiel, Stanley, started having trouble balancing while walking today...at first I thought he just tripped and did a little drunk walk, but then I realized it’s his balance...on his right side. He seems normal otherwise...he’s not tilting his head to the right, he can fly normally, he can...
  9. S

    Taming An Older Cockatiel

    Hi, so I have a cockatiel who is around 14 years old. His name is Stitch. My mother bought him for my sister when I was around 7 and she was nine. Unfortunately, she didn't do much research in how to care for a bird properly and the time and effort that should go into it. Growing up I felt...
  10. B

    My cockatiel is very aggressive when around my new cockatiel

    Hello All, I have a cockatiel that is about a year old (named Mac) who has always been a sweet bird for the most part. Recently he has been more aggressive in certain scenarios but I am sure that is just because of his hormones and what not so I have just been more careful when handling him...
  11. M

    Female cockatiel being territorial

    Hi all, I have two cockatiel one is female for sure (as she does female call) and other one male may be because he sings and do heart wings. I have female cockatiel from 3 months and she had her first molt a week ago. She was kind a bonded with me but at some point I need to go out of house and...
  12. sydneytiel


    Hello! I'm having troubles with one of my tiels, Sydney. He's a male and about 9 months olds, and I've had him since he was barely a month old because his parents couldn't feed him. The problem is that he lately doesn't let me pet him (which he used to love) and bites me. I'm really worried...
  13. alyssanor


    can you tell me everything i need to know about cockateils how to take care of them what to feed them and stuff like that
  14. P

    Pictures Rehome for cockatiel - live in DE

    Hello, everyone. I am very aware that this is not good news, but I wrote it. And I feel guilty of not taking my own responsibility. Of course, we know that it's a very early choice for us to know each other. However, I think this choice is right, so I hope to receive a lot of love in someone...
  15. B

    Sudden behaviour change?

    My cockatiel,bee, is 15 months old.shes usually very cheeky and mean but the last few days she's been extra cuddly , and has even hidden in a blankie even tho she doesn't like being covered. She plays and forages like normal and droppings look normal I'm worried but I also think she might just...
  16. N

    Black poop cockatiel (sad update #8)

    Hey, My tiel is very sick.. He is doing black poop, sitting in corner, sleeping too much, sitting at base of cage, i am also feeling his head warm. Please help.. I showed it to my vet he is saying its diarrhoea and gave medication. But I am not able to seel any difference... He is very weak...
  17. P

    Pictures New owner of cockatiel

    Hello, I am the first cockatiel owner. I don't know the sex of my cockatiel yet. My bird's name is Cherry and it is estimated to be 7 months old. I am currently having green cheek conure, but there seems to be a lot of difference, so I want to know some tips and tips so I am posting. Cherry...
  18. niamhk

    linnies and other birds

    So i’m thinking now of getting a Linnie! I’ve always wanted one but choose a quaker over them in the end. I currently have 2 cockatiels, 1 indian ringneck and a green cheek conure. Would they be alright together? They wouldn’t live in the same cages of course. But can they live with cockatiels...
  19. rylanminer

    Trouble Gaining Trust with my cockatiel Cherrio

    Hey everyone! My name is Rylan Miner, and about 7 months ago I purchased a loving cockatiel that I named Cherrio. Since I bought the bird I am still uncertain about wether she is a boy or a girl, and even how old she it! This is some information that I don’t know about her. (I call her a girl)...