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  1. Reggie

    Moved Forum Communities, Not New To Birds - Just To This Forum!

    I just registered for this site, and I've got to say I'm excited to become a part of this community! I'm not new to birds and have experience with macaws, green cheek conures, and budgies! I've got sort of a bias in favor of the blue series mutations because right now I own three budgies named...
  2. Liberty Birds

    I am a new member..

    Hello Everyone! I am a new member. I found this forum while google searching on wet sneezes in budgies. I have two parrots. An English Budgie named, Berry George and a Crimson Bellied Conure, named Gus. Berry George is just over one year old. And, Gus is almost 5months old. Both were hand...
  3. Flyover

    Good Morning

    I am new to this thread but not to birds, yet I find this site a great source of expertise. I have been reading threads on here for some time, and just recently joined up in order to post some questions of my own. (My first is in the cockatiel section regarding the possibility of a cockatiel and...
  4. Jassu

    Hello :)

    Hello everybody! :) I have 2 budgies, 2 cockatiels and 4 cockatiel babies. My male cockatiel, Ruudi, is normal gray and female, Freya, is cinnamon pearl (?). One baby cockatiel has dark pigment? I guess... The baby has black feet, black crest. We had to seperate Ruudi from babies - he started...
  5. cicerothebird

    Hi Guys, I Need Help!

    I got this handsome budgie, I named him Cicero, just 2 days ago, it's been in the living room in the day, and at night in my bedroom. I go to uni everyday but 3 days in a week and they're from 9 til 17, my mum is home almost everyday but she always has TV on loud, and we have this semi-open...