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budgie mutations

  1. OrangIsld

    This is Mavis! No idea what her mutation is!

    Hi everyone, can someone who's good at Budgie mutations please tell me what her mutation is? Im thinking a sky blue clearwing? Idk whats up with her slightly yellow face though. If so, can anyone tell me if her mutation's irises or cere develop, shes a little over a year old and she doesnt have...
  2. HemlokHex

    What strange mutation is this???

    Hi All! Yesterday I picked up a pair of babies from a breeder for possible future breeding. This lil dude seems to have a strange feather texture, like those of lorikeet head feathers. The tip of each feather on his rump and body are elongated, and some head feathers have a black dot on the...
  3. Jayson

    Black faced mutation

    Does anybody here know of any budgies with the black faced mutation available for sale i am based in dublin Ireland but can arrange international collection I saw some recently in the Netherlands but haven’t been able to contact the breeder. thanks in advance.
  4. Lovebird27

    Rainbow SUPRA budgie?!

    So, this person put in the description of this budgie “Female Rainbow Supra”. What does “supra” mean? How is it different than a regular rainbow?
  5. Lovebird27

    German Fallow budgie :)

    So I fell in love with this color and mutation. Can anyone help with the base color ? Is it blue or D blue?
  6. Lovebird27

    Why is this budgie greyish white?

    Hey gang, So, I came across these budgies and was intrigued by there colors. I would like to know what mutation influenced this greyish color. All I known it’s a Texas Clear Body. Does this happen to every blue TCB? Or do other factors come into play here? What about the green bird, is it a TCB...
  7. Lovebird27

    Color of the a budgies cere with certain mutations.

    I’ve come across several budgies that I can’t sex. I also noticed that some mutations influence the color of the cere. For instance, this violet budgie has a vibrant blue cere which lets me know it’s a male. On the other hand, the budgies on the other pic seem to have an identical cere. Which...
  8. Lovebird27

    Are these grey o clearwings budgies?

    Are these greywing or clearwing budgies? How can we differentiate them?
  9. Lovebird27

    Can we breed this budgie to obtain hagoromos?

    This is not my budgie, but I was wondering If you can obtain a hagoromo if you cross this budgie with a crestbred or any other mutation? Or what can you breed out of this type of budgie?
  10. Lovebird27

    What budgie mutation is this?

    Hey everyone :coffeescreen:, me again. Can you help me out with this mutation, thanks.