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budgie behavior

  1. M

    Video My budgie (Yellow) is acting strange since yesterday and I'm not understanding why? :(

    Hi guys! So recently we have got a new family member called Yellow. It's actually been two weeks since we brought him/her/them home (not sure about the gender yet). I think my budgie is 2-3 months +/-? Anyways, since the start of this week my budgie has been restless and literally moving here...
  2. Pipo

    Cuddle or not

    Hello, I have a female budgie who think I were her mate, although I am her mom. She normally doesn’t allow anyone to cuddle her, but when I do, she is easily aroused. Since she had laid too many eggs in the past months, I tried not to cuddle her that much. She managed to stop her egg production...
  3. S

    Budgies breeding

    Hi I have a pair of budgie, Romi and Juli. I recently came to know that Juli is pregnant. All the symptoms are confirming on the same. Romi is around 5 months old and Julie is 7 months old. I haven't seen them successfully mating. I'm not sure if Juli lays an infertile egg and how would be...
  4. Tibby_blu

    Budgie picking my skin

    TW: scabs, some blood and scars. Hi, my budgie (taro) used to be fine with me and only nibble me lightly if there was something she didn't like, but recently she's been picking my skin with her beak and it's so sore! I've tried telling her no, tried ignoring her and nothing is helping, i...
  5. F

    Pictures Is my budgie ill? Need advice ASAP

    For some context, I've had this shy budgie for over 2 years now; she hasn't been very friendly towards me ever since her partner died last year but she does hop around the cage and chirp to other birds whenever she is outside. I haven't been able to feed her anything else besides store-bought...
  6. M

    Need help with young budgie :(

    My recently found a young budgie outside at our neighbourhood a day ago. We're assuming its been taken care of by someone else before because it went to my dad when he reached his hands out. As we had no cages to house it in and neither could we get one because it was already late at night, we...
  7. J

    Separating Budgies

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm posting this in the right thread. My newest budgie Sky has been in the same cage as my original budgie Blu, but I think Sky has been stressing Blu out a bit lately, being a bit territorial and so on. I have separated them this morning, they've not hurt each other or...
  8. MPCacatúa

    New Budgie Kicking Seeds Out

    Hello, I have a baby male budgie that I brought home just yesterday. He is in his own cage on the far opposite side of the room from my 3 budgies in a large cage. He only stays on the side nearest the other cage. Also, he gets in his bowl and throws/ kicks the seeds out with his feet. I have...
  9. Q

    Troubleshooting Odd Behavior with 1st Batch of Eggs

    Hi folks, This is my first post on here, I need some info that I can't find online. I've never had birds before, so bear with me. My relatively new budgies (the hen is over a year old and the male just recently became an adult as far as I can tell from his eyes) just lay 4 eggs in their...
  10. ilmatar

    Aggressive female budgie or just play?

    Hi, I'm not sure if there has already been a post on this, if so, I'm sorry for the repeat. We got two new budgies from the pet store a little over a month ago (one male and one female). I'm new to owning budgies and only had a single cockatiel as a child, so I'm really very limited in my...