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How do I stop my budgies from roosting on the ceiling fan?


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Hello! I recently got two budgies named Luna and Kiwi. I'm currently in the process of taming, diet conversion, etc. I let them out of their cage every day, but they always fly up to my ceiling fan (don't worry, I don't turn it on anymore, even when they're in their cage) and stay there. I thought it might have been because the fan is reflective above the blades, so I put some post-it notes to cover up the reflective area because mirrors are supposed to be bad for birds' mental health. I can get them back into their cage because they'll let me pick them up, but it'd be nice if they'd interact with me or just perch on literally anything else XD. I have ordered a nice natural wood play stand for them for outside of the cage. Does anyone have any tips for enticing them down from the fan in the meantime or in case the play stand doesn't work?

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Birds just want to be on the highest perch possible, it makes them feel secure. You can try taking them out in a different room if possible so they don't get distracted by the fan.

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My budgies enjoy perching on the curtain rods. As @Sunni Tiel mentioned, birds feel safer and more comfortable above you, especially the smaller species. I've found ways to compromise with the birds, however.

I put food bowls with favorite treats attached to the outside of the cage on a tall playstand that I have. You could invest in a net to hang higher up, or insert a hook into your ceiling and hang swings/bungee bird perches/toys. Try placing high value treats (millet, oat spray, etc.) elsewhere. The taller the playstand, the more that my budgies seem to enjoy it. I've also had small playstands that hang from the ceiling as well.

Best of luck to you and your feathered friends! :)