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  1. ConureMum

    Video HELP!! Is This Chick Shivering?

    I'm being told that my chick is shivering, but the gauge says it's at a good temperature, the chick is not wet/moist, and it's in a small closet so there shouldn't be a draft... What's this shaky movement about?
  2. S

    Project of adoption: help me

    Hello all, After the dramatic event that occured to our parrot recently (see my recent posts) my family is starting to consider getting a new baby in our home. For some context my beloved friend who recently passed away was a senegal. We got him when he was 2, and we were already his 3 or 4...
  3. Chauxcifer

    Fifty Shades of African Greys

    Hi community! New member here looking into breeders for an African Grey. I found this guy a few months ago and he seems legit, but I wanted to see if anyone here us bought from him before? Here’s the link to his Facebook page for reference: Fifty Shades of African Greys
  4. K

    Any reputable breeder ??

    Can anyone recommend any reputable parrot breeder? I am from Miami Florida. I just lost my baby cockatoo and wouldn’t want to buy from any birdshop. Please any advise will be highly appreciated. Thanks Mainly interested in male cockatoo umbrella Blue and golden macaw male. thank you
  5. Kiwi's Dad


    Hey, I was browsing breeders and found this one Feathered Treasures Aviary. Has anyone had any experience with them? Thank you!
  6. H

    Where to find hand fed English Budgies in or near South Dakota?

    I’m looking for a young male to keep as a loved pet. I’m willing to drive out of state, but not too far. Thanks!
  7. D

    Green cheek color mutation

    Hello, my pets decided to have babies. I am very curious about their color mutation. Parents are what I think a yellowsided dilute and a pineapple (I will attach pic). Three of the babies I think they are like dad (yellosided dilutes) and one looks like a normal green cheek. Is this possible? No...
  8. ZY28

    What paperwork should a bird have?

    Hi, I am getting a GCC on monday from a lady that says she breeds bird in a family environment. I was wondering what paperwork the bird is supposed to come with? Are leg bands, birth certificate important? Thanks
  9. ZY28

    Searching for Green Cheek Breeders within 2hrs of Montreal

    Hi, Hope your having a great day. I am looking for a reputable breeder, responsible people or even a responsible pet store that breed/sell green cheek conures. Ideally, I would like it to be located within a 2hrs car drive from montreal. Any suggestions? Thanks :)
  10. L

    Is it crop burn?

    We just finished hand feeding our around 5 week old budgie. While we were feeding him, he leaped towards the spoon and ate some of the formula when it was too hot. We took it away immediately. It was only a little and at 113° Fahrenheit. Is this enough to cause crop burn? Is there anything we...
  11. A

    Keeping nest box warm in winter

    Hello what's the best way to keep a cage and nest box warm during winter. Is a heating pad enough to place under the wooden nest box. I'm expecting cocatiel eggs any day now don't want her babies to get cold when they leave the nest box to eat. With my other bird I used a heating pad but it was...
  12. Missyszlee

    Lovebird Breeders?

    Hello! I’m looking for a Lovebird breeder and all of my research brings me to dead links.. anyone here have any insight or contacts they could connect me with? Thanks! Missy
  13. X

    Looking for a Gahlah breeder!!

    Hey everyone, I’m currently in search of a galah breeder. Hoping you guys can give me your best recommendations. I’m located in NY but I’d be willing to travel. Everything I’ve come across online seems kinda sketchy and I’d prefer not to purchase from my local bird store. Thanks!
  14. W

    Brown headed parrot breeders in the UK

    Hi all! Thanks for letting me join AA! :) I’m looking to get my first medium sized parrot (only had budgies so far). Quite excited! My two favourites at the moment are the brown headed parrot and the BW pionus. I was wondering if anyone here knew of any brown headed parrot breeders in the UK? I...
  15. J

    Looking for Bronze wing pionus in Hong Kong

    Hi everyone, been doing research for over two years now and im ready to get into a pet parrot. I have settled for a bronze wing pionus but unfortunatly they are very rare in hong kong. Im hoping someone good refer me to a breeder tht could help me. Thank you very much
  16. T

    Looking for Senegal Parrot breeder or adoption?

    Anyone have any references? I got scammed by an online bird seller the last time I bought, so now I am more catious and would love references to find a yellow-eyed Senegal parrot either young or an older adoption by anyone that may have suggestions?
  17. C

    Who are some red tail black cockatoo breeders in the US.

    I know that most breeders are in Australia but I've heard that Australia doesn't allow bird exports/imports.
  18. Ambilobe

    Cockatiel breeder?

    Was thinking about getting a cockatiel. Anybody know a good breeder in the Edmonton area? Not looking for anything fancy, just a hand tame, healthy young bird.
  19. G

    How do I breed my congo african grey and african grey (repost cause I need answers)

    are female and male. I would like to breed them...but I only know the basics. Like I need an L shaped nest box and they need to be in a dark place? I have a room with led lights and i could put it on mode white and put their cage in my room..and put headphones when looking at videos. Outside...
  20. R

    Reputable Galah Breeders

    Hello, I am looking into buying a galah from BuyBirdsNow (an aviary), the issue I am having is that I will have to ship the bird so I will not be able to meet the bird or the breeder. Does anyone have experience with this breeder, is he/she reputable? If not what questions should I ask? Are...