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  1. M

    I want to know about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds

    Hi, I am a new lovebird breeder. I pet lovebirds. But what is the way to understand about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds?? How can I know them by physical appearance. Please anyone help me with details.. Thanks
  2. S

    Where to find a timneh?

    Hello! I was hoping that someone could suggest a few good breeders for Timneh Greys in or around Georgia? Is there a time of year that is ideal to begin searching for a Grey? I've been researching parrots (particularly the longer lived varieties) and I feel that a Timneh sounds like a good...
  3. Tinabell

    Hartman Aviary/Parrot University

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased a bird from Steve Hartman/ Parrot University in Ohio? I’m thinking of getting a DYHA and want to get opinions on this breeder . Thank you
  4. Tinabell

    Have you heard of, Parrots Unlimited

    i was wondering if anyone had heard of, or used this breeder “Parrots Unlimited”in San Diego California? I think it used to be under the name Melzano’s?
  5. Lily’s mom

    Reputable breeders?

    I’m watching a number of breeders online but I am hesitant to buy from them because I have no clue how ethical they are, what conditions are their birds kept in, etc. especially since they are all too far to visit In person. Is there a list of trusted reputable breeders somehere? I could not...
  6. Malibu9

    Safest way to purchase a new friend??

    So, I am hearing mixed opinions on the safest method to use for putting a deposit down on a baby and then paying the rest at pick up time. I have heard don't do the friends and family option (as you can't get money back if it happens to be a scam), so only use the business option. I have...
  7. MChiper

    Meyers Breeder in Ireland/UK/Romania?

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can assist me. I'm finding it very hard to find a Meyer's breeder in either Ireland, UK, or Romania. If you know of anyone, I'd really appreciate your help :) Thank you!
  8. S

    Galah or Goffin Breeders?

    I live in Florida and I hope to find a fairly affordable ($1,500 or less) cockatoo breeder of the goffins or galah species. I am willing to see breeders who ship too! I’ve been doing a ton of searching but all I keep finding are scam sites.... thanks in advance for any help!
  9. S

    Amazon Breeders?

    I'm currently looking for a baby amazon parrot to join my flock! I live in south Florida and I hope to find a breeder I can visit. If that's not possible I will consider shipping. Does anyone know of reputable breeders of amazon parrots that I can check out? Thanks in advance!
  10. S

    Canadian breeder

    Hey! I want to adopt a baby parrotlet, but Im in Canada and I didnt find any good breeder around... Could you guys help me find one? Thanks!
  11. AkasyaEllric

    I found Slade's breeder!

    So, the forgetful person I am, I misplaced Slade's DNA cert that the foster gave me when I brought him home and I just found it. We had apparently misread his band from him and I checked the post here for what was on the cert and found it, African Queen Aviaries! I called her and she took down...
  12. Hriday_the19th

    3-week GCC {help!!!}-IlivinINDIA.

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I did my research on which bird would be best for me and fell in love with green cheeks and am planning to buy a new this week. so went to this so-called aviary who was more of a bird breeder who doesn't like to be called so. he showed me 4 green cheek...
  13. hetswe

    Hey !!

    Just introducing myself, my name is Heather, and I have parrots for 5 years. When I started, I bred budgies as a hobby for two years, then I decided I wanted to venture into larger parrots, so I got a cockatiel. Buddy was a female pied cockatiel, 3 months later I got another cockatiel, a...
  14. Atomiklan


    Can someone please explain the process of banding. Not necessarily the physical process, although I am interested in that too (Special tools, markings, supplies, etc.), but more specifically the logistics of everything. From what I understand, banding is intended to be a unique identifier of not...
  15. Whoviana

    Breeder SoP

    We are adopting a crimson bellied conure from a small breeder amd we were wondering what we should expect. She is hand-fed, DNA'd, banded, and clipped. Is this all standard? Should she also come with a vet certificate of health? Can we ask for that? Is there anything else we should ask for?
  16. X

    Talon Aviary

    I was wondering if any of you have every bought anything from Talon Aviary in Sugar Land Tx. Home
  17. X

    Trying to find good breeder

    Does anyone know of a good breeder that they could point me to that is location in Indiana. I can travel as far as 3 1/2 hrs from Fort Wayne Indiana which means Chicago, Indy, Detroit, Columbus, Cleveland, etc are all okay. I've just been running into scammers after scammer and I haven't even...
  18. Leah M Pike

    Hello from AL! Need help finding EB Breeder

    Hello Everyone!! I've been reading this forum from a couple of weeks now and have read so much helpful information. It's to the point that come here from answers before Googling it. This is a wonderful forum and I am happy to be a part of it. I do not have any birds nor have I ever. I thought...
  19. A

    Babies need dark. Concepts in Behavior: Section II Early Psittacine Behavior and Development

    Concepts in Behavior: Section II Early Psittacine Behavior and Development avianmedicine.net/content/uploads/2013/03/03concepts2.pdf see file attached babies need dark for their psychological health and feeding more frequently produces happy babies. Love and peace to all
  20. M

    Looking for Blue Crown Conure from Illinois

    Cliff the breeder from Rockford ILlinois adopted my female blue Crown 11 years ago. I heard he passed away and MAYBE our Blue Crown is still out there looking for a forever home??!!!! We moved out of state and let Cliff haVe her. Our family was hoping SOMEWAY SOMEHOW we could reconnect with...