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  1. G

    How do I breed my congo african grey and african grey (repost cause I need answers)

    are female and male. I would like to breed them...but I only know the basics. Like I need an L shaped nest box and they need to be in a dark place? I have a room with led lights and i could put it on mode white and put their cage in my room..and put headphones when looking at videos. Outside...
  2. R

    Reputable Galah Breeders

    Hello, I am looking into buying a galah from BuyBirdsNow (an aviary), the issue I am having is that I will have to ship the bird so I will not be able to meet the bird or the breeder. Does anyone have experience with this breeder, is he/she reputable? If not what questions should I ask? Are...
  3. SmolParrot

    Green Cheek Conure Variations

    I recently heard the term "yellow-sided green cheek conure" and was a bit confused as don't most of them have yellow on their front side? I was wondering what breeders consider to be the line between normal and yellow-sided. Is it just the presence of yellow? Must the yellow be fully covering...
  4. A

    Parrotlet breeders in TN?

    I’ve been interested in getting a parrotlet for about a year now. I’m at the point where I can keep one. Any breeder suggestions?
  5. longyearwinds

    bonded/breeding pair experts needed

    i work at a bird store these days, and we recently had an older pair of breeding black-headed caiques come into the store. i noticed immediately that the male of the pair was very interested in me. he came from a male breeders home, and if he is sold, would go to a male breeders home as well...
  6. TurkeyTalker

    Rock Pebbler/Regent Parrot Breeders?

    Hello! I’ve been searching and searching for someone who breeds Rock Pebblers but have so far only found one breeder and they have none for sale right now. (I’m awaiting a response as to when/if they’ll have more available) I know these birds are uncommon but I know there have got to be breeders...
  7. M

    I want to know about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds

    Hi, I am a new lovebird breeder. I pet lovebirds. But what is the way to understand about crossbreed/hybreed lovebirds?? How can I know them by physical appearance. Please anyone help me with details.. Thanks
  8. S

    Where to find a timneh?

    Hello! I was hoping that someone could suggest a few good breeders for Timneh Greys in or around Georgia? Is there a time of year that is ideal to begin searching for a Grey? I've been researching parrots (particularly the longer lived varieties) and I feel that a Timneh sounds like a good...
  9. Tinabell

    Hartman Aviary/Parrot University

    I was wondering if anyone has purchased a bird from Steve Hartman/ Parrot University in Ohio? I’m thinking of getting a DYHA and want to get opinions on this breeder . Thank you
  10. Tinabell

    Have you heard of, Parrots Unlimited

    i was wondering if anyone had heard of, or used this breeder “Parrots Unlimited”in San Diego California? I think it used to be under the name Melzano’s?
  11. Lily’s mom

    Reputable breeders?

    I’m watching a number of breeders online but I am hesitant to buy from them because I have no clue how ethical they are, what conditions are their birds kept in, etc. especially since they are all too far to visit In person. Is there a list of trusted reputable breeders somehere? I could not...
  12. Malibu9

    Safest way to purchase a new friend??

    So, I am hearing mixed opinions on the safest method to use for putting a deposit down on a baby and then paying the rest at pick up time. I have heard don't do the friends and family option (as you can't get money back if it happens to be a scam), so only use the business option. I have...
  13. MChiper

    Meyers Breeder in Ireland/UK/Romania?

    Hi all, I'm hoping you can assist me. I'm finding it very hard to find a Meyer's breeder in either Ireland, UK, or Romania. If you know of anyone, I'd really appreciate your help :) Thank you!
  14. S

    Galah or Goffin Breeders?

    I live in Florida and I hope to find a fairly affordable ($1,500 or less) cockatoo breeder of the goffins or galah species. I am willing to see breeders who ship too! I’ve been doing a ton of searching but all I keep finding are scam sites.... thanks in advance for any help!
  15. S

    Amazon Breeders?

    I'm currently looking for a baby amazon parrot to join my flock! I live in south Florida and I hope to find a breeder I can visit. If that's not possible I will consider shipping. Does anyone know of reputable breeders of amazon parrots that I can check out? Thanks in advance!
  16. S

    Canadian breeder

    Hey! I want to adopt a baby parrotlet, but Im in Canada and I didnt find any good breeder around... Could you guys help me find one? Thanks!
  17. AkasyaEllric

    I found Slade's breeder!

    So, the forgetful person I am, I misplaced Slade's DNA cert that the foster gave me when I brought him home and I just found it. We had apparently misread his band from him and I checked the post here for what was on the cert and found it, African Queen Aviaries! I called her and she took down...
  18. Hriday_the19th

    3-week GCC {help!!!}-IlivinINDIA.

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I did my research on which bird would be best for me and fell in love with green cheeks and am planning to buy a new this week. so went to this so-called aviary who was more of a bird breeder who doesn't like to be called so. he showed me 4 green cheek...
  19. hetswe

    Hey !!

    Just introducing myself, my name is Heather, and I have parrots for 5 years. When I started, I bred budgies as a hobby for two years, then I decided I wanted to venture into larger parrots, so I got a cockatiel. Buddy was a female pied cockatiel, 3 months later I got another cockatiel, a...
  20. Atomiklan


    Can someone please explain the process of banding. Not necessarily the physical process, although I am interested in that too (Special tools, markings, supplies, etc.), but more specifically the logistics of everything. From what I understand, banding is intended to be a unique identifier of not...