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  1. reetybird

    Another question

    Should I keep my bird in a dimmer room where there isn’t a lot of light? I heard a lot of light can cause growth of sexual organs and my room is a lot dimmer than the bonus room that he is in currently.:thinking::sad14:
  2. T

    Bird doing weird thing with his tongue?

    I am very confused. My green cheek conure seems to be itching his tongue a lot (?). I've only noticed it since yesterday, and it looks very unusual, he sticks out his tongue and then uses the tip of his beak or sometimes the bars of his cage to scratch it. I've seen this behavior only once...
  3. T

    Aggressive Ringneck

    Hi there! I have an indian ringneck who is 3 years old and got him a little over a year ago. It was a bit rough in the beginning as he has a lot of anger/agression in him but ruled it off as bluffing. Over the year, he’s become very sweet and social (with an obsession of regurgitating and being...
  4. L

    Normal baby budgie behavior?

    I recently got an English budgie around 4 weeks old. I didn’t know until later that getting an unweaned bird wasn’t a good idea :(( but the breeder told us it was fine at the time, and even tried to give us a featherless baby for free along with him. It’s not something I will ever repeat. But he...
  5. BlueNemo

    Feather Plucking in Indian Ringnecks (IRN)

    Good Afternoon Birdfriends! I hope you’re all well. I got my first IRN last Saturday as a gift for my 25th birthday, he or she has been home with me a week tomorrow; I have tried to ensure that he or she is as comfortable as possible, but can’t help but notice that some of his or her feathers...
  6. maounm

    Getting a 4 year old GE

    Hello everyone! I already have a 4.5 months old GW i raised him since he was a baby. Now i am getting a 4 year old GW macaw. I want to what kind of different behaviour should i expect from him? I have experience with baby macaws but not adults. Thanks!
  7. squeak514

    Parrots Playing With Molted Feathers

    My lovebird, Peaches, has a tendency to play with her feathers once they've fallen off as she's preening. She'll chew on them, take them with her when she flies, hold them with her feet, and chase after them if I take them away from her. She typically does this with her primary feathers, but...
  8. FeatheredM

    Help, is my bird plucking?!

    I know I said I would take a break but this is urgent. Sprinkles feathers usually look like first pic, and now her perfect feathers seem messy! Is she plucking?
  9. A

    They are comfortable with me and like to snuggle but freak out when I try to pet them ?

    Hi all! Ive had my conures just under a month now (kiwi the pineapple conure) (durian the green cheek) as of late ive been getting mixed messages from them. For example they love snuggling in my hoodie, playing with my hair, and are comfortable perching on my hand, etcetera however when I try to...
  10. BabyBirdMa

    Conure Chattering?

    My Yellow-Sided Conure: Daenerys has always made this chattering sound since the day we rescued her. If I had to compare it to anything: It sounds like a quieter version of an angry Donald Duck. None of my other Conures make this sound, not even her cage-mate: Shades (Greencheek.) Is this...
  11. Diveks

    African grey too lazy or unable to fly?

    hey everyone, so a little backstory about Dolly, I was given a neglected African Grey about two months ago and she has been adjusting well to the home. she used to live in an aviary with a macaw and a few other birds she was rarely interacted with and they told me she was mean and always...
  12. Y

    possible hormonal behavior? help

    hi everyone ! i need your help :(( my first ever male bird, who is now 1 year and 3-4 months old, keeps doing this very strange position some times a day, maybe even 3 or 4, but not every day. im guessing it's a normal hormonal behavior... since before this, he used to drag his butt left-right...
  13. BabyBirdMa

    Aggressive Abused Conure

    I have 9 birds in total, all rescues: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. October, last year, I rescued 2 of my 4 Conures: A male and a female Greencheek, both 6 years old. They had no names when they were turned in, which I found odd that someone could own birds for 6 years and never name...
  14. BirbDex

    Budgies and diets?

    Hi, so I have a lot on my mind currently but I don't want to come off as causing trouble as soon as I arrive so I'm not going to disclose any names what I am going to say is I was advised to put my budgie on a diet from a so-called professional bird trainer. Being someone who takes advice but...
  15. Cwinneth

    Problems with training Quaker

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for some advice on how best to work with my Quaker Rio. I adopted him from someone else who could no longer take care of him, and he’s wonderful. However, his previous owner didn’t provide him with any toys or enrichment. All he wants to do is be on me. I’ve provided him...
  16. Angela_2

    Parrot and colours

    Hello. I was wondering if parrots do prefer some colours Tweety is regurgitation and dancing for red stuff. I realized that when i am on my phone then he walkes in such dramatic way, pining his eyes and open his wings for my phone's case because it's red same happened with a red water cap...
  17. M

    Doubt about behaviour

    Hey, I just for a 6 months old male red bellied parrot yesterday and am trying to make friends. He was tame at the breeder and does not Seem particular scared in his new home. He is eating in front of me and calls when i am not in the room with him. My question is: I have tried to offer him...
  18. Coco123

    Going through heartbreak?

    Hello everyone, Context: I own 2 canaries. One female and one male. The female (Pheobe) stays with me in my room, where I spend most of my time. The male (Zozo) stays in the living room where my mom spends most of her time. Issue: Pheobe and Zozo have been in contact multiple times in the...
  19. Samuel124

    My ring neck and my girlfriend

    My mom 4 months ago decided to get an Indian ring neck,who we called kashmir, the owner told us they were 6 moths old when we got them so they Should be around 10 months old now but I’m not sure if that is their age as I have no reasons to trust their previous owners who clipped his wings quite...
  20. Alex S

    Aggressive old cockatiel

    Hi all, first post here and in a bit if desperation (probably common for newbies). The backstory is not great, but I'm hoping people will see that I'm here trying to do the right thing. The abridged backstory: Poki is a 22 year old male cockatiel. He was bought for me when I was 10 as a...