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  1. Baileybea

    Momo beak peeling update - green cheek Conure flaky beak

    Hey! So I think I know what happened? Momo recently started waking up and chewing on her cage in the morning. She usually chirps for me to get her as soon as she wake up but started doing the chewing thing about a week or so ago. So I’m thinking maybe she went a bit to hard or something and it...
  2. Turkey2017

    Young Caique Obsessed With Nose

    I recently acquired a six month old white bellied caique and she is an absolute dream. However, she is obsessed with my nose. Like to the point of spending all of our one-on-one time trying to grab it. She’s not being aggressive. She straight up is just trying to lick inside my nostrils. Of...
  3. itsronni

    Conure love/hates my boyfriend!

    Pasting this from backyardchickens… Hello everyone! Wanted to see if any of you have any tips for my wacky bird, who is OBSESSED with my boyfriend... for good and bad! A little background on Beepers, the green cheek conure: he's a three year old (estimated age and gender) rescue. I am his...
  4. H

    What? Okay...

    Not an emergency, but Jolly is seriously just... he's a handful. Love him to the moon and back, but cockatoos are definitely unlike any large bird I've owned. His poops are still loose around 2 or 3 weeks later but go back and forth between normal and slightly watery. We haven't raised a ton of...
  5. bird_mama

    Outstretched wings?

    My 6 year old CAG was let onto the couch to spend time with us out of his cage. He began chirping and outstretching his wings when we all sat down. Is this mating behavior? I’m not worried, because he looks extremely lively and happy.
  6. Grace_F

    Pictures Lighting

    My Green Cheek Conure’s room doesn’t get as much light as I would like. I’m thinking about adding some kind of supplemental Lighting, because I feel that it would improve his mood and appetite/general wellbeing. Avian specific lights might be good? I’m thinking of angling it so it kind of hovers...
  7. S

    Is my lovebird beyond redemption? Coming to terms with the possibility of re-homing...?

    I write this with several bleeding stab wounds throughout my body. I have a just-turned-4 year old lovebird named Bean, and our first two years together, while somewhat troubled due to her behavior with humans that aren't me, were pretty great. I got her at around 5 months old and she hasn't...
  8. Con-undrum

    Success stories for formerly fighting parrots

    Hi everyone, I am new to the Avian Avenue fora and was just wondering if anyone had any successful stories of formerly fighting birds reconciling or becoming friends over time. If so what steps, training, environmental changes you think may have been a positive contributor to (re)building...
  9. lilbailey

    Looking for an avian behavioral specialist for my rescued disabled caique.

    Hi, everyone! I’m new here and I think I’m posting in the right place but please be sure to let me know if not. I’m a long-time exotic parrot owner and handler. I was wondering if anyone knows of a good avian behavioral specialist, particularly with caique experience as I’m in need of some...
  10. flyzipper

    Secondary Reinforcers: The Devil You Don’t Know (article)

    I enjoyed this article as it encourages us to look beyond food as a reinforcer. One of the benefits of secondary reinforcers is that unlike primary reinforcers, they are more difficult to satiate. They are also highly individual, varying with the animal’s background and preferences, making them...
  11. K

    Quaker Plucks?

    Hello, I bought Taro (now 10-11 months) at a pet store. I was told that he had bitten off one of his toe because of the stress of moving into the store. Knowing this I still got him and hadn’t had issues with anything until now. He has been plucking his tail feathers?? I found one feather on the...
  12. shedua

    My Cockatiel purrs when being pet?

    Hello, I've had my female cockatiel for about a year now, and every time I give her a petting session, she always makes this chirping noise. I've tried to find videos of other tiels making the same noise but to no avail. Does anyone else's cockatiel make this noise or something similar? I'd be...
  13. RobMenace1995

    Video Why do my cockatiel boys do this often?

    Hello all, This is Lemon Chicken (right) and Pepper chicken (left). They’re both 4 years old and have been with each other their entire lives. They have never hurt each other or got in a “real fight” but they do this often. What is this? Is this play fighting? Why do they do this? Here’s the...
  14. S

    Is my Senegal parrot happy?

    Hello all :) My family got a Senegal parrot two months ago. First when we got him he was very energetic or nervous I cannot tell, he was yelling all day and playing with toys… Well he was very very active. Suddenly one month ago he started to be very quiet. Usually the morning he is alone...
  15. T

    Video My parrot is exhibiting agrressive behavior when on the cage floor

    Hello, Me and by girfriend have aquaired a Derbyan Parakeet. She is about 8 years old, and have been treated badly in the past. She has not suffered from malnutrition, but she had been apparently loud, and previous owner had kept her alone in separate storage room in the house, commonly leaving...
  16. C

    Turquoise GCC Plucking and Over-itching nose

    I have a Turquoise Green Cheek Conure, and she has not been doing well lately. First, winter in NJ is pretty horrendous for birds overall. Low humidity, cold, etc. We're limited in how much heat we can turn up, but overall, their aviary temperature is 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity...
  17. Z

    Fighting to Cuddling?!

    Hi all, Just joined this group as I am unsure what to do about my 2 lovebirds Kulu and Lola. We had Kulu (a peach face) for about 6 months and he was great, noisy little bugger but a real character, however we have been unable to hand train him, we never wanted to clip his wings and didn't...
  18. K

    Are my love birds starting to love each other?

    Hi guys, my 2 little lovebirds are females names Ki and Fi. We bought Ki 3 years ago and Fiji is a new addition to the family. Ki is very hormonal and territorial and at the beginning it was very hard for them to be around each other. however now as months have gone Ki has now attempted to be...
  19. reetybird

    Another question

    Should I keep my bird in a dimmer room where there isn’t a lot of light? I heard a lot of light can cause growth of sexual organs and my room is a lot dimmer than the bonus room that he is in currently.:thinking::sad14:
  20. T

    Bird doing weird thing with his tongue?

    I am very confused. My green cheek conure seems to be itching his tongue a lot (?). I've only noticed it since yesterday, and it looks very unusual, he sticks out his tongue and then uses the tip of his beak or sometimes the bars of his cage to scratch it. I've seen this behavior only once...