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african gray

  1. bird_mama

    2nd time making chop!!!

    Hey!! I just made chop for the second time! I’m so proud of this and Romeo loves it, so I had to share!:heart: (My ingredients are frozen & microwaved or blanched in water from my electric kettle, since my entire stove broke; smh ) Recipe: •Purple, white, green & orange cauliflower...
  2. S

    Cage Bar Size

    Hi! I'm looking for a big cage for an African Grey. But all the big cages I find have a 1-inch bar spacing (I want a 3/4 bar spacing). I have been looking at several places like A&E and Kings Cages but have yet to find one. Please if you have any recommendations let me know. Thanks!
  3. bird_mama

    Video odd bird behavior?

    Hi! So my bird does this every so often and it’s usually followed by regurgitation and stops when I pet his head. I was just wondering if anybody else’s bird does this.
  4. bird_mama

    Outstretched wings?

    My 6 year old CAG was let onto the couch to spend time with us out of his cage. He began chirping and outstretching his wings when we all sat down. Is this mating behavior? I’m not worried, because he looks extremely lively and happy.
  5. S

    African Grey Parrot Cage

    Hi! I'm going to get an African grey and am wondering what cage to get for it. I have looked at several websites Kings Cages, A&E, etc. but the cages that would be suitable for a larger birds are thousands of dollars. If you have any larger birds and have cage recommendations please let me know!
  6. bird_mama

    PCV pipe size?

    I just bought pvc pipe in 1 1/2 inch diameter for an African Grey. It’s only going to be used in a diy play gym. Is that too big or should I stop second guessing myself lol.
  7. bird_mama

    1 1/2in PVC pipe for African Grey?

    I just bought pvc pipe in 1 1/2 inch diameter for an African Grey. It’s only going to be used in a diy play gym. Is that too big or should I stop second guessing myself lol.
  8. bird_mama

    African grey accidentally ate his own feces?

    Hi, I know it’s probably not anything to worry about but im just making sure. My 4 year old African grey accidentally stepped in his own poo while out of his cage. He does not let me clean his feet, so I gave him water to rinse off in. While I was getting the water, I saw him clean a piece of...
  9. Diveks

    African gray refusing to go out of cage

    So i posted about this grey (8 Year old) in my older thread. She? I think? Was a “rescue”. A family member gave her to me because they felt like they don’t have time for her anymore. They said she was very mean but she is a sweetheart so i thought maybe they just forced her to step up ect. Came...
  10. bird_mama

    Cardboard tubes?

    Hello! Does anyone have an idea where I can get bird safe cardboard/paper tubes? I just found out my African Grey loves them when I put one (glue free of course) in his cage. I’ve tried looking but I just want one that’s bird safe please! Thank you :•)
  11. G

    Hi from Ricky and I

    Hi everyone Ricky and I are joint from Ohio. Little back story about us- Ricky is a rescue parrot, he’s an African grey and about 20ish I believe. He’s my boyfriends parrot, I came into his life almost a year ago. Ricky was owned by a man previously who Ryan (my boyfriend) was told was...
  12. bird_mama

    Pink spot on birds face?

    Hello! Today I noticed that my African Grey has a small pink spot on his face. He’s been scratching his face and his nail clipping appointment has been pushed back. His nails are quite long (and sharp). I feel so badly :( I’m going to see if there’s somewhere else reputable I can get it done...
  13. Chicoo

    My 4 month old African Grey suddenly died.

    Hi guys, so I have heartbreaking news. Unfortunately, Chico passed away. My son woke up to find him on the bottom of his cage. He was still alive and we rushed him to the vet but unfortunately stopped breathing as soon as he took him back. Now we are just left with unanswered questions. So what...
  14. Diveks

    Toys for african grey scared of wood

    Hello, i need some suggestions for non wooden toys. I had been having trouble with her toys as she is TERRIFIED of all kinds of wood except for the painted furniture. So a bit about dolly, this is not her first home as she was given to me from my relatives. They could no longer care for her as...
  15. bird_mama

    Yaheetech bird cage grate replacement

    I posted a thread yesterday and I was recommended to contact Yaheetech about their replacement parts. Sadly, they haven’t answered my calls or emails. I’m looking for a replacement grate for my cage as my CAG finds it amusing to bite it. It would be amazing if it was stainless steel since he...
  16. bird_mama

    Cage replacement parts?

    I have this cage for my CAG for sleeping Yaheetech Wrought Iron Rolling Open Play Top Large Parrot Bird Cage for Mini Macaw Goffin Cockatoo Cockatiels African Grey Small Quaker Amazon Parrot Green Cheek Sun Conure Caique Bird Cage with Stand...
  17. bird_mama

    Bird droppings changes after diet change?

    Hi! So this morning when I was changing his cage liner, I saw that my CAG’s stools were light brown in color? I feed Lafebers Premium diet pellets, Avian Naturals Allergy Mix, and mixed frozen vegetables. Recently I added Bodacious Birdie ‘Sneaky Sprinkles’ which contains organic lacinto kale...
  18. S

    Urgent Worried about my CAG

    Hi everyone, I've read this forum for quite some time but these past few days have rough and I'd like to seek some advice. My congo african gray, Echo, hasn’t been doing so well lately. I rushed him to a vet yesterday and they took blood and fecal samples for lab tests, and the vet suspects he...
  19. jmorris124

    New Grey, bornavirus advice please!! (and thank u :)

    I bought a baby african grey (I know shopping is bad, but I looked everywhere for a rescue and couldn't find one) and I'm scheduled to take her home august 1st once she weans. I visit her almost every day, I've already taught her to eat chop, and have so many toys, a huge cage, play stand...
  20. BabyBirdMa

    How To Preen?

    I have an African Grey, Ms. Bailey. As you all probably know finding her a cage-mate is an extremely difficult task since Greys are so hard to come by. I can’t even find a breeder that has any on hand right now. Anywho, Ms. Bailey’s feathers seem a bit scraggly and with her being an older bird...