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african gray

  1. Diveks

    African grey too lazy or unable to fly?

    hey everyone, so a little backstory about Dolly, I was given a neglected African Grey about two months ago and she has been adjusting well to the home. she used to live in an aviary with a macaw and a few other birds she was rarely interacted with and they told me she was mean and always...
  2. A

    Weaning issue

    *Help required* My grey baby approaching 17 weeks. Dont want to wean. Just demand formula. Play with soft food and just make them pieces and throw away. Not interested in pellets as well. Tried skipping morning meal, but weight is falling tremendously, passing green poop ans some time few...
  3. P

    Urgent Sick African Grey

    Hi, my African Grey, Kiwi, appears to be sick for the past few days. I’ve noticed that she has been sleeping a lot and not eating as much as usual. Yesterday I noticed that she is off balance and unable to walk. I took her to an avian vet who took some X-rays and did blood work. I was told that...
  4. bird_mama

    Pictures Frozen vegetables? Yes please!

    So Romeo has always been very particular with the veggies he eats. One day I saw a thread on here saying that their parrot prefers frozen so I tried it on romeo and lo and behold all of his picky-ness has suddenly disappeared! As a slightly new bird momma, all of you on this website have helped...
  5. bird_mama

    Baked goods

    Is there any recipes you make for your birdies? I want to possibly bake something nice for them! Thank you
  6. bird_mama

    How to bake sweet potato?

    How do you all bake sweet potato for your birds? Do I have to use oil? Can I put them in the fridge to save them and use as needed? (bonus question lol) what veggies are best for birds? What fruits? Thank you!!!!
  7. bird_mama

    Affordable bird toys??

    So I have a bit of a predicament, Romeo loves to chew toys, and I can’t stop buying them. I know every bird does, And nothing makes me more excited than going out or shopping online and finding things that he’ll love; But forking out so much in less than 2 weeks is undoable. I really need some...
  8. bird_mama

    Pictures Is this what the back of a bird tongue looks like? o.o

    I was taking pictures of my baby and I realized, I’ve never seen the back of his tongue! Weird question, but is this normal?? New things with my birds always make me nervous. :scared2:
  9. bird_mama

    Nuts.com? Anuts.com??

    I am trying to find the best place to find human grade nuts for my CAG. I’m mainly looking for walnuts, hazelnuts, and almonds. I found nuts.com and Anuts.com; I also think I found someplace called nuts wholesale (if someone could give me the correct name please :lol:) but if anyone could tell...
  10. dollfish

    Pictures My indoor aviary progress, safety, ideas and suggestions welcome!

    Hello everyone! I've nearly finished the panels of the aviary / room partition for Astro. This will be Astro's play arra when I'm away or working. No more cage, except for occasional times where I might need her in a cage. YAY! :bounce4: So here is what it looks like. I'm going to keep this...
  11. bird_mama

    Bird digging?

    My baby Romeo is around 2 and whenever I take him out of his cage he buries his beak in my hand and digs away like a cat/dog. He also regurgitates sometimes? Has any one else had this happen? Thanks a bunch :cag:
  12. Ulis_Beast

    Video Lokis Luxuries

    IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE! :excited1: My first big overseas toy order that is. Step 1 desinfection; step 2 unboxing and cleaning; step 3 unveil at a safe distance from the bird; step 4 let it rip; Had I known this is going to be such a success (gross understatement) I would have ordered...
  13. tedzai

    new bird

    i'm a new big-bird owner, having only cockatiels and budgies in the past. I recently got a baby female CAG. I'm starting to get worried by how much she is ''cleaning'' herself and dislikes me, even though i've been patient, offered treats, and tried to bond with her. I don't know what i'm doing...
  14. bird_mama

    Cuttlebone? Mineral Blocks?

    Hi! I’ve been wanting to introduce some vitamins into my CAG and GCC’s diet, Romeo (CAG) gets fresh veggies, occasional fruit, some safflower seed mix (no peanuts or sunflower) and Lefeber pellets and ZuPreem natural pellets. And my extremely picky girl Tokyo gets her safflower seed mix (no...
  15. bird_mama

    My lil babies!

    Hi thank y’all for the warm welcome on my first thread here! I was asked for pictures so here they are! ~ Romeo my 2 year old CAG Tokyo my 1 year old GCC
  16. bird_mama

    Clicker training and treats?

    Hi there! I live with my 2 year old feathered baby, a Congo African Grey. He has such personality, but I have a difficult time getting him to step up. I want to teach him how to step up on a stick before my hand like my GCC. I’ve bought a clicker already and I have a few questions: Do I need to...
  17. E

    (Requesting) African gray breeding advice

    I’ve been looking into a pair of grays who are both of age and fertile according to some vet analysis papers. For some reason though they are just having a hard time reproducing. Their owner says they’re around 13 and they’ve been together for a long time, the hen lays one of the eggs are...
  18. A

    Vitamin and supplement recommendations

    Hey everyone! This is my very first post on here so I hope I'm doing everything correctly, please call out my mistakes if you see any. Just to set this up a little bit... I've had my African Grey for just about a year, her name is Arrow, her previous owners were an elderly couple that were too...
  19. I

    African grey in victoria australia?

    Does anyone know if a permit/license is required for a tag or cag in Victoria?
  20. Mo Amjad

    New African Grey

    Hey there guys my cousin just got a African grey and it nibbles on it's shredded Aspen bedding. Is the bedding safe for consumption?.