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  1. haze

    Senior bird adoption stories?

    Hello! I have been open to the idea of welcoming a new feathered friend to my family for quite some time, but I feel a bit guilty about shopping for a baby. I see so many people on the Avenue that have 10+ year old birds that they've adopted, and I would love to give an older bird a chance for a...
  2. D

    Can't take care of budgie anymore, what to do now?

    So, I'm 18 and I've had a lone budgie for a few years now and ever since my aunt has officially moved in with her two cats at my parents house 7 months ago (against my wishes), taking care of my pet has been real tough. It doesn't help that I've recently been working full-time and going to be...
  3. redrose27

    Save Me from this Bad Idea I will inevitably have to deal with (rip my free time 2021 even tho it really died in 2020)

    Sorry about the title I thought it would be funny considering the context. Any-who, so as many of you may know me from my post about kony (bird with gout) and many may know that my family is not responsible when it comes to animals nor caring. With that being said in short, my mom is now fixated...
  4. S

    special needs Ring neck / antisocial behavior

    I recently adopted a special needs Indian ringneck who is three years old, was born with one deformed foot and at some point had their other foot broken and not set properly which has now left it mostly unusable save for 2 of the appendages. She came to me from a woman running a bird rescue...
  5. T

    Looking for Senegal Parrot breeder or adoption?

    Anyone have any references? I got scammed by an online bird seller the last time I bought, so now I am more catious and would love references to find a yellow-eyed Senegal parrot either young or an older adoption by anyone that may have suggestions?
  6. Bex

    Wanted rehome or adoption African Grey

    Looking for a rehome African Grey. I am located In between south and North Carolina. If you know of anyone who is rehome go or a bird for adoption let me know if they need a forever home! thanks guys!
  7. mangobird

    Update on rescue amazon

    Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well during the quarantine/pandemic. I wanted to give you all a quick update on the amazon I posted a few weeks back, where I asked for help about having a new rescue. I’m happy to say that she is absolutely thriving here :D Tyler has slowly shown that she’s...
  8. mangobird

    Rescued Amazon help!!

    Hi everyone! Today, I rescued a 13 year old Amazon, who I was told is a Tres Marias Amazon. They call her Tyler! She’s scared, but I can absolutely tell that underneath the hurt and broken is a sweet bird that loves people. I’ve been looking into amazons for a while, but this wasn’t quite my...
  9. M

    Male parrotlet (Georgia) - needs multi-bird home

    I am looking for a home for my 2.5 year old green male parrotlet. I adopted him from a multi-bird family 1.5 years ago who were moving overseas, and my husband and I have agreed he would be happier in a multi-bird home. We are not in a position to get more birds, and have decided that rehoming...
  10. hrafn

    Pictures There's a new cutie at the humane society!

    Look at this little gem who just became adoptable! Such a pretty girl. I've been hearing her chattering away in the holding area for aaaages.
  11. Lea H-R

    Hello From Oahu Hawaii

    Hi folks, I'm new to the forum and thought I would say hello. I live in on Oahu Island in Hawaii, and was hoping to connect with other parrot loving folks on Oahu. I'm part of the Hawaiian Feathered Friends Network (a bird club) and we are always taking in rescued parrots, surrendered parrots...
  12. E

    Looking for a male Eclectus

    Hi all, I’m searching wherever I can to try to find a male adult Eclectus for sale or adoption. My Eclectus just passed away He was an older rescue bird. I miss him so so much. Please let me know if there are any adult male eclectuses that need a home. I live in BC, I would travel anywhere...
  13. Pollolocos

    Looking for parrots in NC

    Hi I recently joined, and I’m looking for a new bird. I’m interested in one that would make a good ESA, I’d rather not have short live species ( budgie, cockatiel) but more like Quaker, conure ( most likely, or larger. I’d rather them be free with a cage, or at most a $30 rehoming fee since my...
  14. hrafn

    Apparently, Taco's for sale!

    So, it's 9:30 at night, I'm sitting in the living room with my cat watching a movie, and someone comes knocking and ringing at my door. I automatically assume it's the postman coming with my SS delivery, so I head right on over to answer it...but it isn't the postman. It's a guy in his...
  15. CVT242

    Newly Adopted Green Wing Macaw

    So my fiancé decided to adopt an 8 year old macaw that supposedly its previous owner died and their children didn’t want the bird. In rescue bird was apparently an angel loved everyone etc. personally I think he was scared and overwhelmed also due to the fact that he plucked most of his feathers...
  16. C

    Adoption Tips

    Hi, I'm new here. I've owned a bird in the past, however; I've never adopted. Recently I've been looking around for a mature parrot to take into my home as a companion. After months of searching, I came across a post today from an exotic bird rescue in my city. I saw that they had a yellow naped...
  17. parsaxyz

    Should I give my Jenday away?

    Hi all, I have had Turok for about 5 months now, and he is still scared of me and my brother. We never use force, never hit him, never even yelled at him. However, we did buy him from a pet shop (my country doesnt have breeders yet) and I think the constant touching grabbing and possibly...
  18. EmmaAndEiffel

    Rosella Rehome Ireland

    I'm looking for a new home for my 7 year old Rosella, he is not hand trained but is a sweet bird, he had an accident a few years ago that caused his beak to never stop growing so he needs to have it trimmed every 8-12 weeks which is why I need someone with experience with parrots.
  19. D

    Two ringneck parakeets in need of home in SoCal

    Hello! I'm new to this forum so I hope I'm posting this in the right place, but I have two ringnecks parakeets, a white and a yellow one, in need of a good home. I adopted then from an animal shelter that was going to euthanize them if no one took them, and really only took them to keep them...
  20. S

    Two Cockatiels for Adoption in Vancouver, BC

    Hi, I am looking for a loving home for two of my male, 11 year old, bonded cockatiels. They are energetic, healthy and great birds. Please let me know if interested and would like to see pictures. I am not sure how many people here are from my area but I thought I would give it a shot.