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Terrified rehomed grey


Sprinting down the street
South Florida, U.S. of A.
Real Name
Ira R.
I do give her a bit of tropican but i still give her sun time anyway.

Also a huge update, i didn’t think would happen: yesterday she started stepping up on my hand in the cage so today i let her out and surprise surprise she stepped up on me outside the cage and even started flying to me. I was so suprised at her flight capabilities. She could fly to me from the other side of the room when i call her. She picked up flying to me when called really fast i was so surprised. Once she knew my hand was a stable landing place she flies to me a lot. Although, i am unable to leave her alone since now she just jumps to me whenever im working on the computer :roflmao:. Im still not sure if she likes the company or if she just wants the treat but either way its some good progress. I have never made so much progress in so little time. She is still cautious of other people though.
Here is a pic seconds before she flew on my hand to relax with me on the computer no treats needed.
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Very cool!

He’s doing that “I would rather be up there with you than down here” march!