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  1. R

    Attention Cockatiel Psychologists!!

    Hi All, Can Cockatiels have brain damage? Can trauma cause long-term damage? Are some Cockatiels just really laid back and non-active? This what I am trying to find the answer to regarding my bird. Background: Miss Minnie is an all white Cockatiel with gray eyes that was found wandering a...
  2. Diveks

    Terrified rehomed grey

    Hey everyone, one of my family members can no longer take care of their african grey and they gave him to me. I’ve had an african grey before, who unfortunately flew away after someone in my house forgot to lock the cage door while he was getting some sun time (i was out of town and got a phone...
  3. B

    Unsocialized Ringneck

    I have a Ringneck. I got her from a bad situation at a pet store- she was sick, had a severely imbedded ankle band and severe clipped wings. She was at the petstore for 7months and I’m assuming with little to no contact (they just kept transferring her to different sister stores trying to sell...
  4. Hoshi

    A Wish, A Decision, and A Very Scared Ringneck

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so I just went to the most general forum. Warning this will probably be a long post. When I was diagnosed with a form of brain cancer at the age of 14, I didn't know where my life was going to go. Even after surgery when the symptoms and the risk of dying went...
  5. keikoasmom

    Macaw Tail Folicle

    This morning, our bird groomer came and as I took Lovey to her, Lovey decided to fly away to the floor, the groomer accidentally stepped on one of her tail feathers, pulling the blood feather right out. The groomer, our favorite bird lady, applied pressure and the bleeding finally stopped about...
  6. Hriday_the19th

    3-week GCC {help!!!}-IlivinINDIA.

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum. I did my research on which bird would be best for me and fell in love with green cheeks and am planning to buy a new this week. so went to this so-called aviary who was more of a bird breeder who doesn't like to be called so. he showed me 4 green cheek...
  7. Kiwi0724

    Urgent Swollen & Very Irritated Love Bird Feet Please Help!!

    Hello everyone, I have a little peach faced lovebird (Kiwi) and I got him when he was only 8 weeks old. He is now 5 months and at first, it started as some sort of trauma to his leg. He always flies around the house or jumps off the cage sometimes and the leg in which the silver band is on is...