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  1. A

    I got a second budgie and my first one doesn't like me anymore

    Hello! A year ago I adopted a budgie and everything was going well. On the third day when I first tried giving her millet, she immediately jumped to my hand and ate it. Many months later she seemed to be getting lonely so I adopted another budgie. Ever since then, she won't fly to my hand...
  2. D

    New macaw mom to this girl- seeking to understand this behavior

    Hi everyone! Hope someone has insight to share- TIA :) A week ago we brought home this beautiful, traumatized, very timid B&G girl of 30years. She seems to be settling in ok, in that she is eating, sleeping, preening, taking snacks from my hand, even making some noise and saying hello, which...
  3. H

    Never been out of a cage, need advice

    I just got my first bird three days ago from a privately owned pet store. He's a cockatiel that's just over a year old and I named him Winston. He is an absolute sweetheart and took to me immediately. Within the first 10 minutes of me putting him in his flight cage, he was already eating and...
  4. M

    Pictures 6 month old Parrotlet isn't getting comfortable

    Hi there, I've had my bird, Rango, since December 9th, he was originally located in my living room but now is in my room since he was unable to adjust there. Things are better but also worse in some ways. Good: I'm now able to give him millet from the side of the cage bars I can go close to...
  5. Diveks

    Terrified rehomed grey

    Hey everyone, one of my family members can no longer take care of their african grey and they gave him to me. I’ve had an african grey before, who unfortunately flew away after someone in my house forgot to lock the cage door while he was getting some sun time (i was out of town and got a phone...
  6. M

    Need advice on semi-new bird that is very fearful

    On December 9th my dad bought home a 3 month old parrotlet from a pet store, we named him Rango. He was placed in the centre of the living room in a good sized cage so he could become accustomed to my family (5 adults), but it was my dad that was looking after him by replacing the food and water...
  7. E

    Cockatiel is acting strange? What is this?

    She has been doing this act all day and we dont know why. Its worrying us.
  8. rylanminer

    Trouble Gaining Trust with my cockatiel Cherrio

    Hey everyone! My name is Rylan Miner, and about 7 months ago I purchased a loving cockatiel that I named Cherrio. Since I bought the bird I am still uncertain about wether she is a boy or a girl, and even how old she it! This is some information that I don’t know about her. (I call her a girl)...
  9. E

    Cockatiel too scared and shy what do i do?

    Hi , im new to the bird keeping world, i am transitioning from fish keeping to birds. I had just bought a 3 month old cinnamon cockatiel which i believe is a female because of the barred tail and kind of faint red cheeks. anyway She Is really timid and scared, she does not move from the branch...
  10. Diveks

    Taming lorikeet pair

    I have a 3,5x6m aviary with 5 lorries. i have Had them for around a year. When they all came to me they were not tamed (from different places) im not sure if all of them are wild caught but im pretty sure these two rainbow lorikeets are. Some of them were chained and put in a really small cage...
  11. C

    Help with scared and aggressive cockatiel

    Hello everyone! I need your help! About two years ago I rescued a cockatiel (Lucky) and a budgie (Tiny), both seniors, from a bad situation. They were in the care of a friend of mine who didn't take good care of them. Their cage was always filthy, their toys were never changed, they were on a...
  12. K

    I need advice

    Hi, my name is kai I'm kinda new to the whole owning my own parrot thing. I have always wanted a parrot (specifically an Amazon) about a month ago I was browsing craigslist and I saw a person sell/rehoming a 17-year-old Amazon that looked a little on the rough and when I was chatting with the...
  13. Z

    Cage location

    I live in a pretty oddly shaped apartment which makes finding a spot for my lovebird’s cage a bit hard. Half of my apartment is floor to ceiling windows. I wanted to put him near a window because I feel like its better for his circadian rhythm and is more visually entertaining. But Im scared he...
  14. A

    My Caique is scared of me. Please help.

    Hello everyone, im new here, but i've been reading a few posts so im rather familiar with your wonderful community. Ill cut straight to the chase. A few months ago we bought a wonderful 4 months old Caique. From the get go he was very friendly and not a bit shy. Me and him struck up a...
  15. _aryxn_

    My Bird is still scared of my hand!

    I have an Indian Ringneck that I got when it was around 8 weeks or 2 months old. He is currently 9 months old. He can talk, He can whistle and sometimes sing too! He is generally friendly (other than his really annoying cage aggression), He is not very cuddly but sometimes he does let me cuddle...
  16. Hawkward

    Scared Budgie!

    Pasted from the Parrotlet pages: Oh boy. Well... after a lot of discussion we decided not to get another bird. Then we come across this bright yellow budgie that the person was calling, "some kind of parrot". It had one perch in its cage, water, and food. And absolutely nothing else. No toys...
  17. cikazako

    please help!! African grey christmas dilema

    ☹️African grey christmas crisis!!!! Hello, so I don’t know what to do with my african grey this christmas. We always spend christmas at my grandparents and usually leave the african grey at home. However she is plucking her feathers and whenever left alone for more than a couples of hours she...
  18. Littlelovebird

    Pictures My new little love bird wasnt scared and now seems to be

    Hi there. I was wondering if I could have tips or help. I'm new at having a bird and I adopted a nice little Fischer Lovebird a week ago. He's gonna be 3 months in a couple days. He was handfed and the first couples days he wasn't afraid of my hand and would jump on it and come to my shoulder...
  19. Kima

    Terrified and Leaping

    I have recently rescued a young female IRN. She was found outside. Has a broken wing that has healed over which vet does not think is worth re-breaking so she is flightless. I've had her a little over a week, and she is absolutely terrified of me and any other human. Come too close, and she...
  20. VelocirapGirl

    Continue what I'm doing or not?

    So some might know I have a lovebird. Now, he is still scared of hands. Grab a snack since it'll be a long post. So when I first got him I made the mistake of putting my hands in the cage the very first day when I should've left him alone to settle. The next day I got his wings clipped because...