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rescue bird behavioural issues

  1. Kesshi

    Regurgitating Help!

    Hey everyone, first post, long time watcher. But I just recently rescued 2 Congo African greys. Beauregard is 40 and Basil is 10. they both came from an abuse situation. When I picked them up, their cages were rusted and they had maybe 2-3 perches each and Beauregard had no toys (but Basil had...
  2. Jessiemay

    Pictures Trying to understand my Hawkhead rescue Hawkeye

    Hello! I'm new to the forum :) I've recently adopted what was portrayed as a "bonded pair"; Hawkeye a Hawkhead of about 20 years of age, and Mango a double-yellow headed amazon of unknown age. My partner and I spent a couple of months visiting them at the rescue before taking them home. Turns...
  3. L

    Cockatiel Rescue Still Adjusting??

    Hi! I'm new to the forum and wondering if I could get some insight. I've been a budgie owner for many years and this September I took in a cockatiel rescue. We are told he is about 10 years old He was poorly cared for for 7 years by an elderly woman and when she went into a care facility the...
  4. A

    Dusky headed conure behavioural issues

    Hey, wanted to post as I am at a complete loss at the moment. I recently brought home a rescue dusky headed conure, I was aware he had some behavioural issues but the previous owner definitely left a few things out. He is around 14 years old. So there is the biting, now i was told he did give...