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parent reared

  1. Turkey2017

    Opinions on Hand-Reared vs Parent Reared Birds as Companions

    Hello! I understand the conversation revolving around the pros and cons of hand-rearing isn’t new, but I recently read an article (attached) that discussed it in detail and I found it really interesting. I’m not a breeder but I am verinterested in the concept of raising companion birds in a way...
  2. E

    Parent-raised Poicephalus

    Hey, guys! I'm doing research on different Poicephalus species as I'm interested in getting two parent-raised ones in the future. I'm still not sure which species but so far I'm leaning towards Meyer's or Senegals. They're quite hard to come by in my country so I may have to order them through a...
  3. Lauren_sim

    Step up training

    I want to work on step up training but I’m worried it’s too soon, chilli is a parent reared Hahns macaw, who I’ve had a little over a month now. He’s target trained and on a pellet diet (still working on veggies). He’ll take treats from my hand in and out of the cage, however, if there’s no...
  4. Lauren_sim

    Help for taming a parent raised bird

    I recently got a parent raised Hahns Macaw (approx 5months old), I’m new to parrot ownership and I’m struggling with a few things and would love some advice. I’ve gotten him target trained pretty well, and will take treats my hand both in and out of the cage. But if I don’t have a treat or he’s...
  5. Doolish

    Hi everyone

    Hello all, I'm very happy to have found a nice active forum, it looks like there is lots of experience here in these pages. Willow is about 15 weeks old now, he came to us as a parent-reared ten-week-old. He is gradually getting more used to us, but so far won't allow any rubs or scratches. He...