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senegal parrot

  1. A

    Kinda Desperate Regards to new bird

    Hi, got a young (3m old) male Senegal Parrot a few weeks ago, having a bit of a struggle, overall the bird is super social but it makes it difficult to let it out and handle him, as he tends to bite quite hard when he sees naked fingers and any skin (includes neck, ears, etc). Been looking...
  2. S

    Enlarged crop (sad update #12)

    Hello all, I am writing because I am worrying about the senegal parrot of my family. For context I do not live home usually and I came back recently, and I can only compare how I see him before and after several months. Here is the story: - we always had trouble getting our bird on pellet...
  3. Shroomie

    Rockstar rocking a mohawk

    I woke up, got all Rockys stuff in order... then I heard a huge splash! Turn around and he is dancing in his waterbowl! What a dirty bird! He is molting so I bet that bath felt very nice! He'll be looking brand new after he dries a little.
  4. MandieLee


    Hey everyone, New to the forums :D I have a 1.5yo Red Belly x Senegal named Bowie (still not sold on the name) Just wondering if anyone is keen to share enrichment ideas! Also post photos of your babies! This species is my world, I am getting a pair of Red Bellies in like a week so if anyone...
  5. S

    Is my Senegal parrot happy?

    Hello all :) My family got a Senegal parrot two months ago. First when we got him he was very energetic or nervous I cannot tell, he was yelling all day and playing with toys… Well he was very very active. Suddenly one month ago he started to be very quiet. Usually the morning he is alone...
  6. D

    Can you tame Meyers / Senegal Parent-Raised?

    Hey guys, I’ve got the-opportunity to maybe get a meyers parrot but has been parent raised ? It’s about to come out the nest - will this bird come with problems that won’t want to be tammed etc ? ( really would love a meyers ) or to go for a 5 week old hand raired Senegal parrot ? Any help...
  7. S

    help me with senegal parrot care

    Hi there guys! So I am getting a senegal parrot and i have been wondering what is the minimum cage size you would say is best for them /i will go bigger than the minimum/ or what cage size would you go for? I cant go really big bc i live in a apartment /he will be left in his cage for night and...
  8. S

    pionus or love bird ?

    Hi there! I am looking for a bird- i had 2 birds back when i was younger first bird was a cocktail and then i had 2 budgies... I live in a apartment, i go to school and i am 6-8 hours away from home depending on the day, i have done a lot of reasherch on birds- i will have a big cage and lots of...
  9. T

    Looking for Senegal Parrot breeder or adoption?

    Anyone have any references? I got scammed by an online bird seller the last time I bought, so now I am more catious and would love references to find a yellow-eyed Senegal parrot either young or an older adoption by anyone that may have suggestions?
  10. E

    Parent-raised Poicephalus

    Hey, guys! I'm doing research on different Poicephalus species as I'm interested in getting two parent-raised ones in the future. I'm still not sure which species but so far I'm leaning towards Meyer's or Senegals. They're quite hard to come by in my country so I may have to order them through a...
  11. Heidi

    Help - It this normal? (Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim)

    Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim ??!!?! After a long time of debating pros & cons of flighted feathers vs. trimmed wings, I trimmed my Senegal parrot’s wings. She was used to being able to fly anywhere she wanted. I made this choice because I moved to a new studio apartment that is very small &...
  12. Lily’s mom

    Not liking head scritches?

    Does anyone else have a weirdo kid who doesn’t like them? I’m fostering a nine year old Senegal and while he lets me touch and scratch his head (and pick him up, flip him over, etc) he doesn’t seem to enjoy head scratches. I think he’s confused as to why I try to give them to him All the other...
  13. cheryls

    Knock knock

    Who's there? Chery and I have a new to me old senegal just got re-homed yesterday. This place is HUGE. I'm a scared as the new bird is. Where do I go to ask, learn about Senegals What to do when they first get home I know the core work of vet, pellets, seed, no teflon, no dogs that hunt and...
  14. Lily’s mom

    Looks like she’s leaving me for my husband :(

    One of my Senegals has been acting weird for a few days. She’s been nippy, then outright biting me, and today she’s yelling and lounging at me :( I was very confused since I’ve had her for over four months and she’s been super sweet to me the whole time. So I had an idea.... I asked my husband...
  15. Lily’s mom

    Smelly poops

    Preface - I had a Meyers parrot (rip baby) in his twenties who had smelly poops. The vet tested him and concluded that his arthritis was making it painful to poop, so he held it in longer, hence letting bacteria grow more and causing the bad smell. Now I have two young Senegals with smelly...
  16. S

    College Senegal

    Hi Everyone, I'm a perspective bird parent (Feel that a Senegal would be a good fit) and wanted to talk to some experienced keepers. I'm going to be going to college soon and was thinking that a senegal might be a good fit for me as I start my life journey. A little about myself: I am an...
  17. Lily’s mom

    Pumpkin is here!

    Picked up Pumpkin yesterday! He and Lily are “talking” with their highest pitched ear piercing noises, of course lol. But Pumpkin already ate a bit of pellets, apples, and grapes! AND I was honored today with head scratches and step ups!!!
  18. Lily’s mom

    Can you tell how old he is?

    I’m meeting a Senegal cutie this weekend for possible adoption. The current owner said that he got the bird from a lady and the bird never took to him and prefers women. He said that the bird is about 5 years old and I was wondering if people can tell Senegal’s age based on photos. I know it’s...
  19. Lily’s mom

    Looking for a Senegal or a Meyers

    Hi everyone! I’m a mom to my rescue Senegal Lily. I also had a rescue Meyers parrot Tuki who had passed several month s ago and left a big hole in my heart. I still cry thinking of him. Anyway, I’d really love to get another bird for myself and to keep Lily company when I’m not around. I would...
  20. B

    Senegal Parrot Hates Our Mum

    My brother has a Senegal Parrot called Kiwi and every time our mum enters the room, she wants to attack her or she'll attack our mum and when we first got her, Kiwi was determined to get to mum to bite her. She doesn't do this with anyone else, only our mum and she is a good bird but she seems...