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  1. ConureMum

    Conure Chick not Pooing?

    I have a newborn conure chick, it’s been nearly a whole day since it was born and it hasn’t pooed at all. I’ve fed it, it’s been hours and its crop still looks full to me… Help?!
  2. bird_mama

    African grey accidentally ate his own feces?

    Hi, I know it’s probably not anything to worry about but im just making sure. My 4 year old African grey accidentally stepped in his own poo while out of his cage. He does not let me clean his feet, so I gave him water to rinse off in. While I was getting the water, I saw him clean a piece of...
  3. ZY28

    Bird poop changes colour and shape after eating chop!

    Hi, So I have been transitioning my 5 month green cheek conure to chop. He has finally started eating it! Sadly, I notice his droppings has become a thin red/brown ish colour with a lot of liquid! I do not know if this is normal. He gets chop in the morning and pellet that he has been weaned on...
  4. F

    Opening and closing vent after poos

    Hello everyone! Back again to ask a somewhat weird question: What does it mean when a parrot opens and closes vent for 15-20 seconds after pooing? I'm training my green cheek to go potty in the trashcan so I have been picking him up whenever I see the infamous tail waggle and backing up...
  5. B

    Sleepy Bird and Droppings

    First of all SORRY FOR THE SPAM We haven't kept birds for a long while and when we did there wasn't anyone to do a whole lot of research so they unfortunately would pass before their time. So with the two birds we have now I may be a little paranoid but I want to make sure my babies are okay...