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  1. T

    Need Urgent Help With My Budgie Who Has Just Lost His Companion

    Hello there you guys! I hope you are all doing well today! Very unfortunately, my little buddy has just lost his mate 2 days ago :( Ever since her passing, my budgie has been very unlike himself and unusual! He is usually such a big foodie, but now he doesn't even go to eat or drink water by...
  2. D

    Odd (to me) behavior

    Hello! :cubanzon: We’ve just gotten our 2nd Kakariki and it is very different than our first. Our first is very sweet and quiet. She's also very tiny. The new one, Pickles, is 7 months old and the breeder told us it is female, but I have my doubts. It’s a lot larger than our female and it is...
  3. shajeeb

    My cockatiel scream/chirping non stop!

    Hi, my 6 months old female cockatiel screams/chirps all day non stop! I have her for 3 months. She is hand tamed and super friendly. No matter what i do she wont stop screaming. I give her plenty of toys, and I rotate them so she wont get bored. But she loses interest on toys very fast. All she...
  4. T

    Do birds get stressed when you're sick?

    I got a juvenile cockatiel about three weeks ago (currently about five months old). As she's gotten more comfortable here she's started chirping little tunes, mostly of a morning when she gets her breakfast. Now, the point of the matter is that my back went out a couple of days ago so I've been...
  5. G


    So like many of you I started working from home . Now normally I have no issue with my buddy making noise but while I’m working I can’t have her chirping away I tried placing her in a another room but she cries alll the time help please
  6. SleepyTiel

    New Cockatiels First Day Home - What to expect?

    Hello all! Today is my first day with Delilah, a two year old rescue cockatiel! The people I spoke to at her rescue organization told me they expect she was hand-tamed at some point but has since lived with other 'tiels and is flighty around people. We brought her home last night at 6pm and let...
  7. S

    Budgie Chirp Change

    So I’ve read up on budgies when their noises change its a sign they could be sick. I recently got a cockatiel to be my budgies buddy. my budgie really likes her. Anyway, recently the budgie chirps differently every once in a while. It sounds exactly like the cockatiels chirp and is not...
  8. WallyCockatiel

    Bird didn’t molt yet

    I have a Male cockatiel, 5 months old, the breeder clipped his wings when they grew, he hasn’t molted yet. Also is it normal he isn’t singing? All he does is scream, and when he’s happy he doesn’t say anything, sometimes a chirp but no tweeting. Is this normal??!??
  9. N

    Video Why does my lovebird do this?

    Hi everyone, I’m new to this forum and fairly new to keeping birds. I’ve had my lovebird Mango since last December. I got her from a pet store which clearly did not hand raise her so she was untamed and startled easily. I have managed to tame her and she will happily sit on my shoulders for...
  10. Naomi1295

    Nervous Conure?

    Hello everyone! Zelda is doing great! She's only nibbled too hard a handful of times in the past few days, and most of the time is was my fault for not reading her mood correctly. I now have a question about something else! Zelda absolutely LOVES all the attention she can get. If she's...
  11. Charqee

    )How much is too much? (Chirping/Screaming/Shrill Cheeping)

    Hello there! Thank you guys for all your help so far! I have another quick question in regards to chirping/other various noises Pico has been making. Early in the morning, around 6, Pico will begin to gently chirp with the birds outside. But by 8 or 9 o clock he goes on a tirade of continuous...
  12. Adam Duxbury

    Help and advice please

    Hello everyone, Hope all is well? I have a Galah parrot and he's very lovely and loves to be cuddled, fussed and kissed. But as soon as I step out of his sight e.g go to the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom he makes this very high pitched chirp over and over again and won't stop till I put my...