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Monaco monologues.


Rollerblading along the road
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Kelly Hill
What kind of tea do you give her?
She seems to have a brand... Tea snobbery will have to be added to her list of titles.
Pukka, their vanilla Chai is a hit, triple cinnamon results in a session of deep contemplation with her head in the mug for long stretches. There's one that @mythic55 sent, but I can't replicate it yet...it's a favorite too with medicinal and tasty herbs. I also have quite a collection from my grocery store, they blend fruit, herbs, spices and flowers in various recipes. I feed these dry too. Rooibos is acceptable, but not adored yet. She's not a fan of chamomile, but I sneak it in sometimes. I tried mint, but it has been the least favorite so far.

Dorcas George

Rollerblading along the road
Oh! A weird choice for a digging tool, but I just snapped this one for you guys. I guess we can't all be contractors! Anyway, another shredder down! I wish there were more studies about offering natural behaviors and how to do it in a way that won't necessarily encourage hormones. I'm scared of eggs if you can't tell. Anyway... She gave up on this digging tool soon after...smart girl! Maybe she was going for stirrup hoe action?
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Oh, and...
This happened today. I don't know the why. I don't know the who. I do know that it took six, yes 6, trips to get the shoes all into the living room and lined up on the couch... Plus one for the purple toy. Uhm... Just, uhm...
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Edit: The only pair in the living room was left untouched. I uh... Uhm, I just don't understand.
Whaat? Well hope it made her happy!