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new home

  1. R

    Finding a new Home for my conure

    Hello everyone, So I have a green cheek conure, named Quincy, who has been an absolute joy to have. However, I do live with my family who does not take care of him, meaning that only I do. Which is fine with me, and they do not harm him or anything, they just don't do things like cleaning his...
  2. Daniela M.

    Rehoming Queen of Bavaria

    Hello, I’m new to the forum but I am looking for a trustworthy community of bird lovers to help me rehome my beloved Goldn Conure. She is a DNA sexed female, about 1.5 years old named Limon (lemon in Spanish) She is one of the sweetest and most loyal birds I’ve met. She will take her time...
  3. mybirdandi

    Planning to home a 4 year old Quaker.

    I’m planning to home a 4 year old Quaker from an 18 year old who is finishing his final years of high school. He and I have called and discussed the logistics and the profile of the bird. I am wondering and needing assistance with the information I’ve received, what I need to look out for and...
  4. M

    Doubt about behaviour

    Hey, I just for a 6 months old male red bellied parrot yesterday and am trying to make friends. He was tame at the breeder and does not Seem particular scared in his new home. He is eating in front of me and calls when i am not in the room with him. My question is: I have tried to offer him...
  5. WallyCockatiel

    How mich time should I take my cockatiel per day?

    Help!! So this week it’s been very busy for our family since we’re moving and I almost never have time for my little buddy. He always chirps/screams to get my attention and he always climbs on the cage walls! He is a wing-clipped 5.9 month old male cockatiel. Please tell me your opinions below...
  6. R

    Make new bird's transition as easy as possible.

    Hi I am finally getting my dreambird after 15 years of wanting one. A Goffin Cockatoo. He lives 7 hours away so we will be meeting halfway. The owner has been looking for the right home for almost two months and I am still in shock that she chose me. I fell in love with cockatood when I was 14...
  7. Robert Schulz

    Helping Macaw Feel Comforable in New Home

    Hey guys, I have some questions about my recently adopted 5y/o Macaw. This is day four with him and he is for sure shaken up about being removed from his previous home. I am having a bit of trouble with reading his body language though. The most biggest thing I am having trouble with is when I...
  8. McBird

    how I got a new house!

    I can’t remember the first day I went home to my family very well, I was scared. It was all so new but they had this nice big cage, let me out and fly around and treated me so nicely. I loved them so much, they were amazing! It felt like I would never leave, and I’m sure they told me that I...