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  1. Aya&Ponzu

    Hi! New here but a quick question about my two lovebirds...

    Hi! Just recently got two lovebirds, Ayataka and Ponzu. (Both around 4 months) I got Aya around 2 weeks before Ponzu (just coming up to a week with ponzu) and they both seem pretty relaxed and happy in their new home. Then took them to an avian vet and after they were both cleared of any...
  2. E

    Dilute blue fischer ideal pairing?

    Hey I have dilute blue fischer I want to know what would be the best partner for them for interesting results. What would be the result with cobalt personatus? Thanks
  3. accio-birdies

    To pair or not to pair?

    Hibou has been single since I got him almost 2 years ago (in other words; his entire life so far). He has mirrors, toys, and lots of attention to keep him happy. Though, I have been wondering lately, as he's become far more vocal and clingy, would he be happier with a mate? He also gets very...