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so I have a question and need help. Recently Iv started to practice with my sun conure to fly I have two perches and he will cross them each time for treats and I move the perches apart to make him stretch to reach the other and he dose it but once out of his range he will not jump or fly, but let's say he's on his cage or some where if he gets spooked or really wants to get back to his cage he will fly to it or fly off of his cage sorta fly more like a really good jump/ glide. I have been watching bird wizard on how to teach a bird to fly if anyone knows what that is. Just need advice. Because he just stands the on the perch if he can't reach it and try's to reach but eventually gives up.

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Wellllll, I had to teach cheeky she could fly also. I am fortunate that she will do almost anything for a sunflower seed. I started similar to you by asking her to jump to my hand just far enough she couldn't reach. After she was used to that I moved just a little farther away at a time till she had to flutter to make it. This took days, not minutes or hours. Now she's confidant and will fly around on her own some. Each little increase in distance I made I waited till she was very confidant before I moved farther away. It helps if they have a very strong desire to get to the treat. Just remember to reward for even the tiniest effort