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  1. ChromeClad

    Adopted 1 Year Old GCC Training Help

    I recently adopted a GCC from a neglectful situation. I've done a lot of research online learning about training techniques and desired behavior! So, the problem I'm having is Pinot (My GCC :xflove:) seems to be progressing at an alarming rate. I've had him for three weeks and he already knows...
  2. elitys

    Best Starter Tricks?

    I want to do some more training with my conure. She knows how to step up and took immediately to target training, but I wanted to teach her some other useful beginner tricks. Right now, I'm mostly looking for stuff that will help with other things if that makes sense. Fun, more complicated...
  3. D

    Bad Aspects of Caiques? Nippier than GCCs?

    Hello, I used to have a couple GCCs and have been researching Caiques recently. I am not sure about getting one, but I have been reading up on them just because they are interesting. I might be interested in having one as a pet in a few years, but I've seen a couple people say they aren't good...
  4. K

    Need some advice training two cockatiels

    Hey people! I'm new here, and was just wondering if I could ask for some advice/help. I've got two cockatiels, a male and a female. Which my family got out of a pet store roughly 18 months ago, they were about 6 months old. They spent the first few months in a big cage and started getting used...
  5. D

    Cockatiel resists training/wont go in cage.

    Since I have a lot of spare time right now I thought it would be a good opportunity to teach my cockatiel to fly to me when called. Ive only taught him step up so far but that was many months ago when I first found him. I should start by saying he is not receptive to treats but does love head...
  6. B

    New Tiel Help

    Hi everyone, I bought my first tiel last week, and things have been going pretty well. He’s a male white-face, I’m not sure how old. He’s taken to my hand, and even likes kisses. He has a large cage and he comes out every day. Lately, though, the only thing he has been doing is searching my room...
  7. B

    Am I doing something wrong with training??

    Okay so its been a couple days since I last posted and I'm just losing all hope. I'll try and explain. My cockatiel Theo (barely 5 months now) was getting so good at stepping up and once in a while he would do it without millet! I've had him for about 5 maybe 6 weeks. I trained with him for...
  8. ConureMom95

    Help with stubborn African grey!

    I recently adopted an African Grey. He’s about 5 years old and a little shy. He was quite bonded to his first family and did well enough with the owner of the shop. I’ve been working with him since we got him. Sitting by his cage talking to him and playing a game where I hand him some toy and he...
  9. Jetdrip459

    Sun conure training

    Hello everyone! I need some help, so I have a sun conure named dipper Iv had him about a year and 5 months. Iv done training with him and he’s very smart and is actually pretty quite Iv noticed for a sun conure. So here’s my issue, lately he’s picking up things that kinda annoy me and him. When...
  10. Littlelovebird

    Weaning - Biting - Clicker training?

    Hi everyone! I have a beautiful baby lovebird of nearly 3 months now. I got her about a month ago when she was about 7 weeks or so. Yes this was young. And yes she is not entirely weaned yet. Still on formula 1X a day. We went from 2-3 times a day to one. She has been going back to 2X and...
  11. Guibirb

    Update on Gila!

    Hello everyone, I bring you a little update on my baby, and with it some questions! I think this is the 4th day maybe? I have kept reading and keeping her beside me while I'm playing videogames, she is still quite lively in the morning, and loves singing and chirping, though the days in the...
  12. Teagan Hall

    Video How do you scold your bird?

    I was told birds are like toddlers with wings; they were not wrong. And like toddlers it is important to have consequences for good and bad behaviour. Birds scream, it's a natural part of their behaviour. They could be scared, talkative, wanting attention or displaying aggression, etc. Birds...
  13. K

    Should I separate them or keep them in one cage?

    Hello fellow tiel owners! I think I could use some help. My boyfriend and I already have some expierence with cockatiels and we do bird rescuing. However we took home single cockatiels before and things were easier, but this time we took a bonded couple - male and female (1 year old and 1,5 year...
  14. Dextine

    Lovebird troubles

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting anything so bear with me for a bit. I am the new owner of two lovebirds since September. They were first in a 47 x B 36 x H 98 cm cage. Ive since upgraded them to a 82 x 54 x 153 cm cage. They love playing outside the cage and dislike going back...
  15. Flynn

    Training Spacing

    Hello, I was just wondering how long I should space out training sessions. I know they should be short and happen 2-3 times a day, but I had a great session with Rio and I can't help but want to do more! What spacing would you guys recommend? 1 hour? 2 hours?
  16. malibu

    Clicker/marker training

    Hey everyone, So my lovebird has now finally started accepting treats from my hands so tonight I did very basic target training and she picked up the concept pretty well. I was wondering if marker training with a consistent "yes" would be easier than clicker training. I have an Australian...
  17. V

    Asking for advice with a very skittish parrot

    I'm having a lot of difficulty with my Red Bellied Parrot. She is very afraid of things, prone to biting, flies around the room at any sudden movement or loud noise, and as a result, spends most of her time in her cage. Recently we just built her a little Parrot gym but she was very afraid of it...
  18. malibu

    Getting a bird to accept treats from hands

    So my lovie that I have had for roughly 2 weeks currently won't eat any treats besides chopped walnuts and almonds and she will only eat them if they are in her food dish. I tried using millet and giving it through the bars since shes kinda hand shy but she straight up refuses millet unless it's...
  19. G

    Hand Training - GCC

    I have had my Untame green cheek conure for about a month now and he seems to have settled in quite well. He is out of his cage everyday the whole time I am home and in cage for when I am at work (about 8 hours.) Has a few toys to play with, chew and foraging. I have been working on trying to...
  20. C

    Help with scared and aggressive cockatiel

    Hello everyone! I need your help! About two years ago I rescued a cockatiel (Lucky) and a budgie (Tiny), both seniors, from a bad situation. They were in the care of a friend of mine who didn't take good care of them. Their cage was always filthy, their toys were never changed, they were on a...