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  1. vuilos

    dark shade above lovebird beak?

    Hi everyone I am new here and I’ve been trying to look up on google about my concern regarding a almost brownish dark color above my birds beak, in which lead me here. I saw some other people were discussing about it but I wasn’t sure if they were talking about the same thing. They said it was...
  2. M

    Concerned about youngest bird

    Hey! I only plan to use this account for this one question, I'm seriously having a hard time right now :/ So in 2021, I got a new bird! His name is Ocarina. I've wanted another bird for a bit because my current bird, Majora, was alone throughout the day. Might not be necessary info, but my...
  3. Haydenb

    Pictures Little bald spot above beak

    Hi; I have a 4 month old Green Cheek Conure who has a small bald spot on her head. She's moulting heavily & it looks like there's pin feathers just starting to grow; is this something I should be worried about? She hasn't had any behavioral changes & I haven't changed her diet of 2/3rds pellets...
  4. layinlow

    Conjunctivitis or normal cockatiel eye?

    Hello! I will be going on vacation soon for about 10 days and leaving my precious baby with my sister. He is 4 years old, but a few months ago I noticed this slight ‘inner eyelid’ thing that he has going on. It is symmetrical on both eyes. He does not overly watery eyes or any gunk coming out of...
  5. rosalita

    sun conure health issue? losing colors.

    Hi lovely bird owners. I’m somewhat concerned about my Sun Conure Sam. I’ve noticed she’s lost a lot of her color and right now she is mostly yellow. I will attatch a few pictures, one being from a few months ago and one today(with basically all yellow). She is 16 years old about. So maybe it...