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  1. S

    Anyone have experience with raspy sounding contact calls?

    Hi all, About 5 days ago I noticed my GCC suddenly had a sort of raspy, hoarse sounding contact call. Just to be clear, I did call our avian vet ASAP who stated she believed that it was due to the dryer climate and we scheduled the next appointment to be safe but they were booked out almost 2...
  2. S

    Cockatoos Screaming

    Hi, I’m thinking about getting a rescue Moluccan cockatoo. It screams very loud during the day and I’m not sure if it’s also loud at night. If you have any cockatoo experience with screaming during the night please let me know.
  3. cricketiel

    Behavioral Issues and Not Eating

    My cockatiel has taken to shrill screaming all day long, regardless of if I am near her or away. She has toys of every kind and a large cage and is free to leave and enter her cage as she pleases all day long (cage door is always open). I assume that her screaming is related to her being hungry...
  4. Troy72898

    Lil Piko

    Can anyone help me. This is Piko, she is almost 2 yrs old. She has been unhappy & screaming for almost 8 days now. I’ve tried everything to calm her. We have a male (her mate but not in same cage) but in the house which she has had a clutch w in the past. I thought it might be her trying to lay...
  5. cricketiel

    Training to Minimize Flock Calling

    My cockatiel has always been extremely good and quiet, willing to self entertaining and play with her toys. However, for the past week she has been waking up without fail at 7 AM, flock calling extremely loudly until I uncover her cage and let her out, and then continuing to flock call all day...
  6. Atomicor

    First Umbrella Cockatoo

    So today I got an Umbrella Cockatoo, (unsure of dna sex, I think it’s male,) and the bird is absolutely the sweetest when it’s in the cage, and when it’s out and on me. If it’s on the floor completely different ball game. But my biggest issue is that, if I leave the room, he screams, I turned...
  7. Jade56

    Cockatiel screaming

    Hi there! I am a first time bird owner and decided on a cockatiel. I did get him from a pet store so he was not handled much when he was small. He warmed up to me in about a week and now every time I let him out he flys up to my shoulder. My problem is not with his chirping, I actually...
  8. Nostromo

    Sudden Screaming!

    Whew!!! My sweet, usually quiet Zeph has decided to show me today what those little lungs can do... dang. Got my earplugs in now but that first KACK! KACK! KACK! KACK! had me nearly falling out of my chair :scared4::lol: My poor dog has been panicking for the last hour and hiding under the...
  9. Barnaby Rose

    Female Eclectus 'Calling/Yelling' Vet Advice Not Helping.. Advice...?

    Hi guys... So I'm back again with another problem (typical I know), this time it has nothing to do with my new lil baby Oliver, this is concerning my 2-3 year old Female Eclectus, Emma. So basically here is what's happening. Emma has ALWAYS been a very quiet, very calm and reserved girl, who...
  10. Adam Duxbury

    PLEASE HELP! Crazy Screaming Galah!

    Hello everyone, sorry I've not posted for a long time! Hope you are all well? Please, Please can anyone help and give me advice on my Galah please. Every time I leave my apartment he will chirp very loudly for a while, so loud I can hear him from down the hall way to the lift. But the worst is...