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welcome lane

  1. birdsmella

    A small introduction of my flock and i.

    Hello everyone!! I’m Uli :) its great to be here, been having a geez at this forum since around 2020, heres a small birdy introduction Skittles, Albino male Quaker parrot (missing two toenails, three braincells and has slight autism) my first baby. sharkie, male Blue split lutino Quaker...
  2. kiwismom22

    Hello from a new & paranoid bird mom

    Thank you for allowing me to join here. I’ve been to this site multiple times googling questions and decided I should join. My name is Sara and this is my Green-Cheeked Conure, Kiwi. He will be 2 on March 7th. We adopted him on February 18, 2023. I’m new to the bird world, but looking forward to...
  3. lifeofLUMI

    Pictures My Quaker Lumi

    Lumi was born 3.16.22 and has been with me since 11.16.22. She is a green opaline quaker with a yellow underbelly and some brown spots across her back. She was hand fed by a lady who rescued the parent parrot couple who were originally caught in wild homed and then had to be rehomed to a lady...
  4. Rio&Friend

    Hi, I’m new here

    Hi eveyone, I have 3 budgies 1 of them named Rio:budgie: that stayed with us for 11 months the second one named max@yellow colour :budgie8:stayed with us for 8 months and the third one named Ruby@bluey :budgie2:stayed with us for 6 months Thank you…
  5. peachypjm

    Hi ! I totally forgot to do one of these lol.

    I joined like a week ago and I am fairly active I just totally forgot to do one of these welcome things lol. anyways, Hi ! I go by ver for the most part and I love all things cute and pink !! I collect stuffed animals and retro type toys! I love reading and everything having to do with birds! I...
  6. BabyBirdMa


    Me and my 9 rescue birds are new here: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. Can someone please reply to my behavior thread? I’m having some trouble with one of my Conures and I really need advice.
  7. Lexusblond

    Hello from Madeleine

    This Madeleine and she is a savior, at just a few weeks old fire broke out in the bush where she lived and her family fledged in fear, leaving her to die but she had other ideas and walk out of the fire in Western Australia to find help. Madeleine found me via a rescue group and she is living a...
  8. Eqiine

    Hello! Eqiine here!

    Hi! My name on here is Eqiine (after I went through a horse phase, yes) and I’m a new bird owner of a very adorable cockatiel. She is a 3 month old female and her name is Tuna! (Yes, after the fish), anyway though, can’t wait to get started on here!
  9. mcbirdie

    New Member - HI!

    Hi there! I'm new here, nice to 'meet' you all :) I've actually been following this forum site for a few years (without an account), but have now decided to join so I can have the opportunity to ask questions, comment, etc. I'm about to finish my first year of Veterinary Medicine (studies...