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  1. P

    i dont know what to do

    We adopted a little canary that fell on my grandpas store back in January, but ever since the things have gone downhill. At first, during his first week, he had a few barely noticeable symptoms that there was something wrong, very small tail bobbing, sometimes he would open his beak to...
  2. mybluebirb

    Egg laying questions pls help!

    my 10 year old (?) indian ringneck parrot just layed an egg for the first (and hopefully last) time I think her fondness with her blanket caused this to happen because she treated it like a nest I had no clue what to do I was so worried because she was having trouble laying the egg so I let...
  3. K

    Urgent Is her vent normal? Help!

    Is her vent/pooping normal?? Sorry for the graphic video. She has had problems before, her vet is away for his wedding. I can’t get in touch with him for 10 days. She’s been having inconsistent droppings I need to know if this can wait for her vet or not, it’s extremely difficult to find someone...
  4. D

    My Budgies confounding poop.

    So over the last two day my budgie has woken up with poop on his butt. he gets the occasional sticky poop during the day but it always comes off on it's own. Day before yesterday I noticed a significant amount of poop stuck to his vent. I cleaned it off and watched him. No more stuck poops and...
  5. P

    Urgent Doves Vent Swollen

    Hi all, new here! I have a 13 year old ringneck dove that has a swollen vent. I took her to the vet a few days ago and she’s on 3 medications for the next 2 weeks. The vet said if the swelling doesn’t go down she may have cancer. :( She is still eating and pooping fine. She just has been puffed...
  6. arayabd

    Urgent Thick clear mucus just released from her vent

    Hi all, Very scared right now. My little canary, who lives on her own with no other bird around, is going through her regular seasonal hormones. She's never laid an egg before, but has the typical hormonal behaviour. She's been incredibly active and her normal self, but she just sat on her...
  7. D

    Urgent Possible swollen vent

    Over the past day or so I’ve noticed my sun conure (13 years old) vent looks strange. Now I don’t know if maybe I just never noticed it but I’ve noticed his vent is more visible and looks possibly swollen/prolapsed. Anyone tell me if I’m just crazy or should be concerned? I do have him...
  8. Dostc426

    Strand of Hair Coming out of Vent?

    Hello everyone! For the first time in the 7 years I have owned my Sun, he had a strand of hair dangling from his vent! I have no idea how or when he might have swallowed this hair but essentially I noticed it because he had a little poop hanging from it. He defecated a few times in succession...
  9. Cat194

    Help with budgie

    Hello so i am fairly new to owning budgies i currently have 2, one i think is female and one confirmed male, the 'female' one has a loss of feathers near her vent and has a slightly swollen abdomen (not red) i am freaking out, i am unable to get to a vet for a while (money problems) and was...
  10. Fawnia

    New Budgies Sleeping all Day Concerns

    Hello! Recently there was a bird convention and I decided to get 2 young Budgies. Actually, I for the past few months I was torn between getting a canary or 2 budgies, but once there, I decided budgies. I just cannot resist their beautiful colors~ Anyways, My budgies are strange. I have had...
  11. music2music

    Possibly sick?

    My parakeet has been having poop stuck to his vent for almost a week. It started off as diharrea, which was a one night only thing. He started to lose more feathers since yesterday (2/7) and I have to bribe him with millet now to get on my hand, which never happened when I initially got him. My...
  12. music2music

    How to clean poop off vent?

    I gave my bird Twiggy a bath on Saturday (2/3) and it seemed to get some poop off of his vent. He hasn't been displaying any problems except diarrhea, which has gone away since Saturday. Is there any safe way to get the rest of the poop off except for giving him a few baths? Thank you.
  13. music2music

    Poop on Vent?

    Today, I noticed my little budgie has poop on his vent. I noticed it after he was continuously scratching it with his feet. This morning, he had diarrhea-like poop on his ladder. He has acted normal otherwise- bobbing, tweeting, eating. He is close to a year old, so I doubt if he has any...