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  1. ChirpysMom

    Fresh Food!

    So I have been trying to get my new IRN to try new fresh foods. When I got her she was eating some really gross food. She didn’t want me to see her eat. Sweet fruits like blueberries, mango, papaya, apple, all easy going but she doesn’t want to eat her kale or greens. She would pick through chop...
  2. Pastel

    Vegetables, homemade seed mix and eggs for my budgie?

    Hi! I’m getting my first budgie tomorrow. I’ve been getting prepared for about three weeks. There is only one thing i’m not sure i got right: healthy eating. After alot of research, I made my own mix using organic seeds. I’m looking for feedback and making sure so i will share my recipe: 50%...
  3. Skyandkiwi

    Is too much veggies bad??

    Hello everybirdy! I have a quick question. Is giving too much veggies bad? This might sound silly, but can they gain some weight from it? I think I once read that you should always provide the most amount of veggies they want, isn’t that true? (I have budgies)
  4. bird_mama

    Pictures Frozen vegetables? Yes please!

    So Romeo has always been very particular with the veggies he eats. One day I saw a thread on here saying that their parrot prefers frozen so I tried it on romeo and lo and behold all of his picky-ness has suddenly disappeared! As a slightly new bird momma, all of you on this website have helped...
  5. F

    How to manage mess from chop/vegetables better?

    Hi! Fluffy is my first bird and I read up a lot on it, but one question I cannot find the answer to is how to keep the mess manageable. To give some context I live in a small apartment (So no power washers etc) and I don’t want to keep fluffy caged up all day so she only goes into her cage at...
  6. bird_mama

    How to bake sweet potato?

    How do you all bake sweet potato for your birds? Do I have to use oil? Can I put them in the fridge to save them and use as needed? (bonus question lol) what veggies are best for birds? What fruits? Thank you!!!!
  7. Mango5

    Lovebird Diet

    Hi everyone, I’ve been doing some reading online about lovebird diets and apparently you are not supposed to feed them a lot of seeds. I’ve had my lovebird mango for less then a year and I occasionally give him veggies and fruits, I also give him pellets but he barely touches them. Do you guys...
  8. M

    Want to details conure daily food list

    Hello Anybody help me. I want details conure evreday diet chart.can i feed daily conure vegitable,fruits, and wet grains?how many days can i provide vegitable and fruits and wet grains in a week??? Advanced Thanks!
  9. Scarlet&Annie

    How to give frozen veggies?

    I recently got a bag of frozen veggies for my Pineapple Conure I carrots, peas and califlour as well as fresh Kale. 1. Just want to double check that these are all safe to feed her? 2. How should I go about giving the veggies to her? Let them unthaw for a bit? Give them to her, frozen...
  10. Ulis_Beast

    Pictures Harrisons mash to veggie pellets

    We have a saying in my country; The devil will eat flies in dire need. This recipe came about during the COVID-19 pandemic, a last resort if you will. My orders from the online shops are gravely delayed, so I had to experiment with Harrisons mash, which the bird wants nothing to do with! Here's...
  11. D

    How to get my tiel to eat vegies.

    Hey guys! So, i posted about 2 weeks ago, I got a fairly young, 5months old cockatiel. He started to take the millet from my hand, and not panicking anymore, which is nice. Thing is, he only eats the millet from his seed mix, not even the sunflower seeds. I tried many times, many different...
  12. Zara

    Pictures Lovebird breakfast

    Lapis and Nube enjoying their breakfast. I think it is their favourite meal of the day :) Just a simple one today; Strawberries with tops, green peppers, courgette, pumpkin, peas, rocket, couple of pieces of sweetcorn, sprouted lentils, mung beans and sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, slight...
  13. M

    want to know safe grain,fruits,vegetable for budgies,lovebird,cockatial.

    hello this is my another post.i want to know safe and suitable list grain, fruits,vegetable for budgies,lovebird,cockatial.please help me thanks.
  14. greencheekmax

    Kale chips and other vegetables

    So I managed to get Max, my green cheek conure, to eat kale by making it into chips. I just ripped the leaves off, spread into a baking tray, baked in high until they are crispy, and Max seems to enjoy them much more willingly. Would love to see how you guys "trick" your fids into eating green...
  15. charlieboy

    Quick Food Question!

    I've been considering getting this blend for my cockatiel as I'm looking for new ways to make him eat his veggies (he is picky, just like me.. oops!) but I've been wondering if the pieces would be too big for his little beak. I know he is able to eat pieces this size but it's more work and I...
  16. Cockatango

    What foods do your cockatiels love? (fruit/veg?)

    I'm wary Tango is becoming a bit of a seed junkie. She can be quite picky and is reluctant to eat wet food. She'll nibble on the stems left on grape vines, and will sometimes take broccoli and lettuce. What do your tiels like?
  17. Nostromo

    Amount of Pellets per Day?

    Hi, My BH Pionus Zephyr is a fiend for Roudybush pellets. She could easily put away 5 or 6 tablespoons (although much of it is being ground up into powder or breaking off when she munches). I'm super happy that she's eating well, but it seems that she loves her pellets so much she's neglecting...
  18. Nidarosis

    How do you introduce vegetables?

    I got my cockatiel, Onyx, from a local pet shop where he had been stuck for at least 6 months. I assume they didn't feed vegetables, because he is not interested what so ever :( How would you introduce vegetables to birds that lack interest?
  19. J

    Conure friendly plants?

    I'm growing some veggies in containers and recently got a hold on some container variety of pea, it grows very short and bushy with small pods just about 2-3 peas each. My GCC loves peas! I used to give her whole pods last summer. I was wondering, though, if it was okay to give her access to the...
  20. Rainchaser

    Getting Scarlet Macaw to Eat Fresh Produce

    Hi all, I apologize if this topic or something similar has already been discussed, but I'm having some issues with getting my big mac to eat fruits and veggies. He's a 17 year-old re-home that I've had for a couple of weeks. He's eating pellets and nuts fine, and shows interest when I present...