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How to Train Biting Out of Lovebirds


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These birds are new, 3 days new. Both females, both a year and a half old, both bonded to one another. Their names are Lemon and Mango, and Mango seems to enjoy biting my finger.

She and Lemon will bite the cage bars close to where I'm sitting, run their beaks up and down them, and rattle the food and water cups. Sometimes I hear them making the beak grinding noise which means they're relaxed, and they make kissing noises back at me I do it to them. I thought they were stressed or adjusting, but with all the above it seems they're trying to get my attention.

They'll chirp at me until I look over, and when I raise my hand to wave/calm them, they'll follow it and try to bite my fingers through the bars. I have given a wooden swing and wooden toy, made paper toys for them, plus given them leaves to chew on (I have included photos). I sometimes try to handfeed mix wearing a towel over my hand, but they ignore the food entirely and just go for my fingers. I have told them no repeatedly, but I don't think they understand.

I don't know how to reward them for not biting my fingers when they ignore treats/never not go for my hand. I have tried distracting them with leaves after raising my finger to send the message that it's off-limits, but it's always the fingers with them! Music and singing doesn't help, either.

I have tried stepping back and giving them space/ignoring them, but again, they don't get the message. I don't think it's a lack of trust; they're new and I'm aware it takes time to earn birds' trust, but they seem to be actively trying to get my attention. I don't mind being patient, but I don't want to be neglectful or give my birds the impression I don't care by ignoring them/abstaining contact. Worse-case scenerio, they'll try even harder to get my attention.

With this in mind, how do I train them not to bite?


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Are they definitely female ? DNA female ?

females are very cage territorial so will go for your fingers over treats I’ve had indie a year and if I try giving her treats or doing anything in her cage I get a bite

I personally wouldn’t use a towel

sit by the cage and just chat to them hold a long piece of millet at cage bars so your fingers are no where near keep chatting and telling them they are good girls while eating it
slowly over time make the millet smaller and smaller if they bite fingers remove millet and tell them no biting give it a few minutes and try again
Also you could have a treat bowl and drop treats in there for them while sit chatting