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toy ideas

  1. bird_mama

    Is PLA bird safe?

    Ive been in the habit of making toys since toys don’t last 4 days in Romeo’s cage. He loves cups/bowls with lids so he can forage for the goodies inside. I saw these on Amazon:https://a.co/d/chNQ7fU And I saw that the inside is coated with PLA. I just wanted to know if this would be generally...
  2. Malus

    Safe wood seals?

    Hi there - I love making my own perches and toys. I'm already aware of the resources on safe woods.. But I was wondering about parrot-safe seals? I know a lot of folks prefer to use untreated wood, but seeing as I have a budgie who doesn't have the bite-strength to destroy my hardier wood pieces...
  3. Frogpasta

    Alternative for chargers.

    Hey everyone! As many of us bird owners know, our feathered friends love to bite/chew on anything and everything they can. Recently, my Tiel Gnocchi has decided that his new favourite pastime is *trying* to chew phone chargers. Of course I don’t let him, but he is determined. I’ve been...
  4. RadiantG

    Video Chew chew chew.... except it's my fingers! But I have an idea

    Milo's going through an 'I MUST CHEW ALL THE THINGS' phase. Thank goodness he chose this bag of LEGO today instead of my hands. Like he did yesterday XD While I found that playing with Lego together (all small parts taken away, of course) helps when he's in the mood to pull apart my things, I'm...
  5. Angela_2

    Safe wood for toys?

    Hello ^_^ Well Tweety loves home made toys more than toys i bought. I'm planning anyway to buy material from store to make more enjoyable toys. Tonight my sister found those coloured wood sticks so I'm not sure if they are safe I thought to wash them properly then let them dry in the sun if...
  6. Skyandkiwi

    I need good ways to occupy my bird with something fun!

    Hello! I need to some good recommendations on something fun I can do with my birds. I want to do some more different like try a new birb recipe or do something really engaging and interactive. Something that will make them excited to play. They have many toys, perches, a large cage, etc as well...
  7. Sweet Louise

    “Clacky toys”

    When Louise is not imitating a chainsaw with wood or rivaling the Hunchback of Notre Dame with her bells, she has found a new joy of “clacky” toys. I am having a hard time finding parts. She has a pre-made toy with drilled dominoes. Can I just buy dominoes from a store and drill? Would like to...
  8. Kestrel

    Pictures What are your bird's favorite toys?

    I was just curious what kinds of toys your bird likes the best? Please, if possible, post pics and what kind of bird you have too! :laugh: I have a cockatiel and her favorite toy hands down is this one by bonka bird. I ordered it from amazon.
  9. Sweet Louise

    making toys, safety question

    I do a mix of buying toys and making toys for my and my friend's CAG. Wood blocks are a favorite for both. I had been using leather to string blocks and beads, and that works great for Louise. Grady un-knots the end and watches the blocks/beads slide off. He does like to chew up the wood, but...
  10. Atomiklan

    New perch design

    I really like the Wingdow perches, but would much rather build one myself as they are (understandably) very expensive. I am planning a similar approach myself (for personal use), but an approach that does not require vacuforming plastic. I am going to stick with milling a blank and then using my...
  11. Nadia Bingo

    Pictures DIY Leather Bird Toys (Before & After Pics)

    My Conure, Baby, loves to chew on leather (I don't think I can stress the 'love' enough). I thought everyone might enjoy seeing the before and after pics for some of the recent toys I made him! They are pretty simple but I have step-by-step instructions for making the toys on my blog, if you...