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  1. Lucifer

    Distance from Toxins

    Hi, I live in a very large house in an isolated downstairs room. I am very cautious about any potential dangers and toxins. I was wondering about cleaning products. If someone upstairs uses bleach, I would probably only smell it if it is near the staircase located near my room entrance. Can...
  2. flyzipper

    Poisonous birds

    A friend sent me a clip on Instagram which claimed 2 new poisonous bird species were discovered in 2023, so the skeptic in me had to look it up. Meet the Regent Whistler and Rufous-naped Bellbird...
  3. Chauxcifer

    Painted New Cage

    Ok, this might just be me freaking out and being too much of a worry wart but I want to hear from others! I found a cage at my local pet store that was used, it’s a California cage but the outside was chipping and sections were rusting. They sold it to me for $100 and I thought this was a steal...
  4. Frogpasta

    Avocado oil in hair products

    Hello everyone! What are your opinions on hair products (to be specific shampoo and conditioner) that contain avocado oil? i’ve avoided them up until this point, but i guess i started to question if my hesitance was necessary… like obviously avoid leave in products that contain it, because...
  5. O

    Someone’s birds died from eating “safe” plants?

    Hello all! I recently saw a post in my inbox from a bird forum, where someone says their two Linnie’s passed away from eating their Hoya plant, which they had found listed as safe on a few sites. they said the birds never ever showed interest in the plant, for years- then one fine day, munchie...
  6. Cheekybirb

    Heated Clothes Airer/Dryer Safe?

    Hello, I've been looking through the threads for bird-safe appliances but can't seem to see anything about heated clothes dryers to dry clothes with instead of tumble dryers, apparently, they're cheaper to run. Does anyone have any experience of using them safely around their birds? I've...
  7. L

    Does anyone use Bird Butlers?

    Hi, do any of you guys use the bird butler system with brass nozzle? I’be been using it since April and now I’m reading brass can be toxic. The company has assured me they are safe but I’m still feeling stressed and looking for some comfort from anyone who uses the brass nozzle ones. Thank you...
  8. Abbydresen

    Aerogarden, safe?

    I am looking to possibly purchase an Aerogarden to keep a fresh supply of sprouts, veggies, etc for my budgies. My concern is the liquid plant food it comes with. I understand when growing hydroponics you need to add nutrients for the plants to successfully grow, but I’m concerned that the...
  9. ZY28

    Are all species of letuce safe for parrots?

    Hi there, So I just grew some lettuce in my garden from seeds I bought from the grocery store. It was a lettuce seed mix with a variety of lettuce. I was wondering if it would be safe to feed it to my bird? Thanks!
  10. conureluv

    nail polish remover?

    I know it is very toxic, so I used it in my bathroom 2 floors below where Percy is. I can still smell it on my hands, so how long should I wait until I go back up to where he is? (yes, it is acetone based.)
  11. ZY28

    Kirkland unsalted nut mix safe?

    Hello, How you're well! I have been snacking on a nut mix I got at Costco and I wonder if it would be okay to share with my bird... It is Kirkland unsalted nut mix. They are cooked. The ingredients are: cashew, almonds, Brazil nuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, peanut oil. Thank you!
  12. ZY28

    Is non-toxic Elmer's School Glue safe to use on bird toys?

    Hello everyone! I hope your having a good day :). I wanted to make some DIY toys for my GCC and I was wondering if a non-toxic Elmer's School Glue would be safe to use as an adhesif on the toys. Thank you!
  13. FeatheredM

    Is this safe for DIY toys??

    Is it ok to use recycled stuff that has color on it for ex: caprisons box. My birdies don't ingest any of it or chew it much, just shred it to find treats. They are so useful, but are they safe?
  14. birdlady91

    Has anyone used a mini fridge near their parrots?

    Hello everyone, hope you and your bird babies are all doing good!! I wanted to purchase a mini fridge to have in the same room as my bird Leo. I bought and returned a tiny fridge by Frigidaire because it didn't keep things cold enough. I had it running in my room for about 24 hours with Leo...
  15. Birdie Boyzz

    How long do I wait to air out the house after using things toxic to birds before I get my birds back

    So we got new hardwood floors, and of course being parrot owner I check in to see what products they are using. They are using a glue that I have researched is bad for birds bc of fumes and they used paint thinner on the floors (more fumes) all of the windows are open all throughout the house...
  16. C

    Wood burning fireplaces

    Hello. I am new to this site and am moving to a new place with a wood burning stove. Is it safe to use it or is it dangerous for my Caique? Thank you for any input you may have.
  17. Rivka

    Wd40 ok to use?

    hey so i noticed my bird cage got some rust and I was wondering if it’s ok to use wd40 to remove the rust, or is it toxic and shouldn’t be used? Like if I use the wd40 the l hose the cage down with a sponge and soap should that be ok? Thanks I got the cage from a pet store that said it’s brand...
  18. Zoepr143

    Pictures Toxic plant...maybe?

    i have this plant in the same room as the flock next to their cage, they haven’t shown any interest in it but i would like to know if it is dangerous for them. Does anyone know the name of it?
  19. BirdField

    Safety Around the House

    I've been wondering a lot recently about what paints, appliances, and toys are safe and just if my house would be a safe environment at all. I'd like to know what specific things in my house I need to worry about. I know about teflon, heating issues with lamps, safe and dangerous woods/plants...