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taming budgie

  1. R

    Progress with my budgies

    My budgies have been slowly getting accustomed to me, and after flying away for a couple of times they've come to ,somehow, trust me more than they did before trying to make a run for it. They eat out of my hands and consistently get onto it to eat, they don't get spooked if i put a finger in...
  2. budgie❤️

    Bird Not Responding "Normally" to Taming Attempts, Any Advice???

    I got a parakeet several months ago, and she's not responding to my attempts to tame her...or at least, not responding "normally". For starters, when I go over to the cage and (slowly) open up the cage door to interact with her, she starts screeching and tries desperately to get as far away from...
  3. C

    Untamable budgie any suggestions?

    Hi I figured I would check with you guys, I have a male budgie (I’m guessing around 4 months) that I have had for 2 months, who seems happy enough until he sees my hands or I need to go in the cage, he’s terrified, despite all of my efforts to get him used to my hands. somebody must have...
  4. kifird

    What noises are my budgies making?

    Hey folks, I'm new to the forum and to keeping birds in general, and I'm interested what my sound my budgie is making. I don't have video of it, but one of my friends recorded it when we were in a middle of a conversation over discord. Info: My bird is 11-ish weeks old Gender: I don't know...
  5. K

    Mate flew away

    Hi all, We are pretty novice bird owners. We had 2 older untamed budgies (male and female) until yesterday when the male flew away. The female is more skittish than normal now (we have been working on taming them but it's been a slow process) and we are worried about her. What's the best...
  6. Aramzzzz

    Budgie making new sounds.

    My budgie makes soft chirps and the they are suddenly followed by loud squaking? Then he repeats it about 3 times?? Hes four months (about). I just started training today and we made lots of progress. What do his sounds mean?? Are they aggressive? Now he not as willing to train... did i do...
  7. Aramzzzz

    Am I doing good?

    So I let my budgie be by himself for a few days to settle in. He's been seeing every one and everything. Today i started training him. I did my research on different methods and I have been pretty persistent about training. Is it a good thing that im able to get my hand next to/under him with...
  8. Saya

    Will my budgie become untamed if i let his wings grow out?

    I clipped his wings while i was taming him and currently I am letting them grow out. He is not fully tamed though, he hand feeds and sits on my hand with millet but he does not know how to step up and i cannot take him out of the cage on my hand or a perch. In the past few days his flying has...
  9. B

    Help! Again! Taming budgies???

    PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS THANK YOU hey guys, im so sorry for posting a lot haha its just that im so excited for my budgie!! I havent gotten him/her yet but i want to be prepared :-) so the 6 week old budgies are probably not tame :(:(:( but im up for taming a budgie! QUESTIONS- 1. does...
  10. 1234Starburst

    taming your budgie

    i was wondering how some of you tame your budgies? mine will eat off of my finger, but as soon as i put the spray millet treat on the palm of my hand, she will not eat it. she was doing the step-up thing yesterday, but stopped today. i also wondered if anyone knew good songs to play so your...