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tail bobbing

  1. P

    My budgie keeps moving tail up and down and making funny sounds

    My budgie keeps moving tail up and down and making funny sounds. This keeps happening quite often and been happening for a long time already. Otherwise she seems fine, active, eating well. She is about 3 years old. When she was over 1 year, for some reason she stopped flying. I've noticed her...
  2. mybluebirb

    Urgent IRN tail bobbing

    I made a similar forum to this before about my indian ringnecks tail bobbing (video linked on that forum), the vet said that she heard crackling when listening to her heart which means she could have an infection, she is now on 2 antibiotics day and night for a week. Her behaviour is normal, it...
  3. mybluebirb

    Urgent tail bobbing help?

    tail bobbing? yesterday i noticed my indian ringneck bobbing her tail like this (the link above) I started panicking (it’s what I do best when I notice any changes in my parrot) today the bobbing wasn’t AS noticeable but i could see her tail shaking a bit.. she’s been her usual self (although...
  4. D

    Concerning behavior Pacific Parrotlet

    Hello all, we have an approx 16 year old Pacific Parrotlet named Beeper, last night we noticed a slight tail bob before bed, and he was breathing a little heavier than usual, I stayed up most of the night watching him and all seemed okay, until we noticed him doing it again this morning. We...
  5. K

    Urgent My Parakeet is constantly tail bobbing after laying eggs

    Hello, please help! My parakeet (Blue) has been laying an egg here or there over the past 2-3 weeks which wasn't an issue then. Recently she has developed a constant slow tail bobbing after the two recent eggs. I checked and she doesn't seem to be egg bound and her behavior is normal. It's just...
  6. Ticcker

    Tail bobbing

    Hello, I made an account on here to bring up a major concern I'm having I have a budgie that I don't know the age of and until the other day didn't even know the gender of seeing as I got her from a pet store and now she laid eggs. At first, it was only one and now we have two so far and she...
  7. doucmates

    Urgent Cockatiel tail bobbing and red spots in poop (blood?)

    I've already been to numerous vets around the area, none could help because they can't run any tests except x-rays which shows no problem. She's 6 years old and her tail's been bobbing for at least a year now. She doesn't have diarrhea, her poops looks healthy most of the time. She doesn't have...
  8. Somehooman

    Help my budgie seems sick

    Hi I have luntino male budgie who has been sneezing from the past two weeks, recently his tail started bobbing (I realized that from yesterday) but he is still active (flying,normal poop, no discharge...etc) but I am unable to take him to a vet since the area I live in there isn’t any avian vets...
  9. alyssanor

    help me please

    hello , hope you are having a good day! so my budgie is bobbing his tail up and down even when hes just sitting inn his cage. why is he doing that?
  10. PtsOliver

    How to bring new bird to the vet?

    I got a couple cockatiels a while back, and need to bring them to the vet. However, neither of them trust me enough to go in the carrier. I have noticed some slight tail bobbing in one of them, but they still won't go in the carrier. I don't know what to do here, as I don't want it to get worse...
  11. V

    An update on our budgie with respiratory symptoms

    Hey fellow bird lovers! If you saw my previous post, you know what's going on. But in case you didn't, our 8 month old parakeet whom we call no name has been showing symptoms of respiratory illness since Monday evening. It is currently 2:50 pm on Wednesday, 7/8/2020. He is still having some...
  12. V

    Is my budgie sick?

    Hello! So 9 days ago I got my two budgies. The pet shop I got them from offered me a free vet consultation, so the next day I went to the vet and she told me that they are healthy (just that my female budgie is missing her tail, but it's nothing to worry about, cause its going to grow back). A...
  13. N

    Tail bobbing. Natural or I'm just freaking out

    Hi there! We're almost 18 years old and we haven't been sick until now. A week ago my tiel (male, named Kiriusha) had constipation and diarrhea. We really got scared, took him to the vet. The ved prescribed done medicine but didn't say we need to pass any investigations. The explanation was...
  14. Taamtiels

    Tail bobbing after egg laying

    Hi! I’m new to this forum, not new to tiels though. I have an 11 month old hen named ruby. (Female tiels I am new to) Ruby started laying eggs last month. First egg broke, So I put a nest in her cage with 6 dummy eggs in it, 3 days later she layed another egg. She’s ignored her real egg, and the...
  15. shayla

    My cockatiel is sick/injured?

    Hi, its been a while. So this post is about my female cockatiel, Chicken, because i have noticed some concerning things about her health just recently. First of all, i think there's a hole in her head. No, its not her ears, it's under her crest feathers on top of her scalp. It kinda looks more...
  16. PamBeasley

    Tail bobbing: rookie mom

    Hello! We are bird lovers and just got our first 2 parakeets. We got the male 3 days ago...and today brought home a female. They are in separate cages for now. The female is doing a very slight tail pump nearly constantly. To note: she gave us a run when she got home, fleeing around the room for...