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  1. Joe Henderson

    Bringing my bird outside for sun when there a air quality warning

    So what the top says bringing the birds outside when we have air quality warnings specifically for ozone . It’s been hot here over 90 and everyday we have the warning for ground level ozone, ozone over 100 , particle 2.5 at good levels , my question is should i be bringing them out for sun...
  2. A


    I’m a new conure owner, are there any recommendations for toys that can help condition my birds beak. There is nothing wrong with my conures beak, I just want to make sure she starts off a healthy way :) What are some opinions on vitamin drops in their water? Yes or No? Are there any...
  3. HappyWings

    UVB light in closet advice?

    I live in an apartment with two roommates who are out for most of the day, most days of the week. I on the other hand, spend most of the day, most days of the week, at home by myself. Even when my roommates are studying at home, they like to wear noise-cancelling headphones. For this reason, I...
  4. Dostc426

    Sun Conure Pressure Sore! Need More Advice!

    Hello everyone! I posted a thread about this same topic about a month ago and have been battling pressure sores on my Sun's hock for relatively that long. I have since discovered that his perches, since they have always been varied and all-natural wood branches and now rotated constantly, are...
  5. Jetdrip459

    Sun conure in cage

    hello I have a 6 month old sun conure and have had him since he was three months from a bird shop me and him have been very close and doing dog he has never bit me and he's very nice. The past few days he won't leave his cage he won't step up yesterday he stepped up and stayed with me for a...
  6. Dachshund King

    Sun vs jenday conure

    I have a Jenday conure called Amber and a crimson bellied conure called poppy and I'm looking into getting a sun conure. Is there any big difference between a sun and a jenday despite colour? Is a sun conure any louder? Any advice or experience with Sun conures and Jendays will be very helpful...
  7. EarthToEcho

    Nail Clipping Safety Tips?

    My bird Medoh's nails really need a trimming and while I could go to a vet, he just gets so nervous and shaky when we do that I'm worried for his health. I can do them at home (I have styptic powder and also used to clip dogs nails at my job so I know about the quick and how much to cut off). Is...
  8. EarthToEcho

    Conure Beak Length

    I was wondering how long a conure (a sun or jenday)'s beak should be. I am a very new parront and I still have a lot to learn. My birds beak right now looks like this He's got a vet appointment coming up soon and I want to know if I should get his beak trimmed. Thank you!
  9. EarthToEcho

    What Kind of Bird Am I?

    My bird Echo was sold to me as a Jenday Conure, but as a couple people have pointed out, he doesn't completely look like one. He's ten months old, so he's not completely at his full colors, but he's close. I worked at Petsmart, which is where I met him, and though we sold him as a Jenday, he was...